How to Decorate Your Bedroom With Gold!

You can use gold in all kinds of ways. For example, you could go for a bohemian style with tons of colorful and golden accessories, or a just a simple look.
How to Decorate Your Bedroom With Gold!

Last update: 12 March, 2019

Gold is used in lots of different ways in interior design. The main things it can bring to a room are elegance and distinction. So, if you want to re-do your bedroom and give it a different, more refined look, decorate it in gold!

Before we go any further, we should also mention that gold isn’t just for intense, over-the-top decorative schemes. People often use it in much more subtle ways and make it part of their minimalist or Nordic style decor, for example.

Keep reading to see our ideas on how to decorate your bedroom in gold. They’ll help you achieve a unique and balanced final result. 

Gold: a powerful color

One of the main associations we have with the color gold is the sun. This is also why it can make a space feel so lively and bright. Depending on the layout and the other colors you use, it can also make a room feel warm and inviting.

gold bedroom

Historically, this color also has very worldly connotationsGold is often a synonym of wealth and power. This is because it has been used so much in the creation of priceless things like jewelry.

Adults only?

Your first thought might be that you shouldn’t decorate a child’s bedroom with gold, that it’s too loud and not very subtle. But it can actually work really well. Just like any other kind of room, the key is to be careful about how much you use, and how you use it. 

There are decor schemes for kids bedrooms in black and white, gray, and all kinds of other combinations nowadays. They may not be common, but they look amazing.

How to decorate a bedroom with gold

1. Contrast

One of the best ways to incorporate gold is to use it to create contrasts. Just remember that contrast doesn’t mean you don’t want balance and harmony. It’s just another way to create a feeling of unity, one that definitely won’t look boring.

Whether your decoration is dark and light pink, or white and beige, gold can be a great addition in several different ways:

  • Increasing (or decreasing) the warmth brought by one of the other colors.
  • Reinforcing the difference between the two colors; creating a dynamic feeling. 
  • Making the space brighter.
gold accessories contrast with dark gray tones

2. Use it to accentuate

You can accentuate your room with gold by having objects with a slightly different finish. Instead of just displaying a group of shiny, smooth objects, use a variety of different types of texture and gold tones to make the space more interesting.

They’ll all be the same color (gold), but the various finishes (matte, worn, shiny) and textures (smooth, coarse, etc) will give the space a much more eye-catching feel. 

If all the fabrics in the bedroom are the same color, you can add a golden cushion or two. Or, you could get a bed cpver with some gold details on it.

3. Make it the focal point

If you decide you want gold to be the main attraction in the bedroom, you’ll need to complement that with a more subtle color palette. You want it to make the main color (gold) stand out. Ochre tones are especially good for this.

You also need to remember that using gold as a focal point doesn’t mean you have to pick the brightest version of it. There’s a wide range of options you can play with to create a wonderful decor scheme.

Gold wall art and chair in bedroom

Effortless decoration

If you want to decorate your bedroom with gold, but with a simpler look, you can always combine it with neutral colors. It goes best with warm tones like white and beige.

If you have a base element with a rustic look, like a brick, cork, or wood wall, you can add some gold accessories to give it a bit more shine and glamour. For example, two of the most common accessories besides lamps are wreaths and vinyl decals.

If you want your accessories to be shiny and glittery, you just need to use them in moderation. Don’t put two in the same place, because they could end up overloading the space and making it feel overcrowded.

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