Vintage Style Coffee Tables

Using vintage pieces such as coffee tables, to decorate the living room can improve the overall aesthetic of your home and generate a distinguished, decadent and visually pleasant atmosphere.
Vintage Style Coffee Tables

Last update: 25 January, 2021

There comes a time in life when you realize that the decor you had at home when you were young is back in fashion. Indeed, it has never been more fashionable to recreate a nostalgic vibe with vintage furniture- and adding a vintage-style coffee table to your living space is a great idea.

The living room is the true soul of the house; in other words, it’s where the style of its owner is most visible. It’s where you can really show your taste, your personality, and your values.

The furniture you place in this room will play a key role in the overall feel of your room, and that’s why it’s important to properly define all aspects of design.

How important are coffee tables?

vintage coffee table

The choice you make must be well thought out, that is, you can’t just go to a store and choose the first thing you find. Instead,  you should choose the model that best fits your interior design and that combines well with the rest of the furniture.

At the same time, a coffee table should be a feature and a focal point of your space. It doesn’t need to be a unique piece of art, but it should get the attention it deserves. It’s also important that it combines well with your sofa, especially since the coffee table will always be next to it.

A piece of furniture that attracts the eye.

5 types of vintage style tables

Vintage furniture reminds us of the past – the times our parents and grandparents lived through and which are now back in fashion. Using vintage furniture is a way of recovering forgotten aesthetic ideas.

Let’s have a look at 5 types of table that can bring a vintage feel to your living room:

  • The most common type is usually wooden tables.
  • Other types have a metal structure that makes up the foot and the legs themselves. These have a distinctly industrial, avant-garde feel. The tabletops are usually of wood or are simply cast in iron.
  • Forging tables are also becoming trendy. They can have decorative motifs around them, and their patterns can go from simple to very intricate.
  • Elizabethan style coffee tables are also in fashion at the moment. They have curved legs and a round frame, while the surface above is rectangular on its four corners.
  •  Round tables are also bold and unique – they bring movement into a room and are more eye-catching than typical straight lines.

The influence of the Bauhaus school

vintage coffee table

directly influenced by it.

Generally speaking, metal takes over the structure in Bauhaus designs. Also, glass is used as an alternative to other heavier, opaque materials, giving the furniture a more interesting, dynamic feel.

Bauhaus produced are many different designs, but their tables were so unique that they’ve even reached our living rooms today.

The 60s and 70s left their mark

A white coffee table.

Formal purity is a characteristic of coffee tables of the 60s and 70s. Funnily enough, it’s during these decades that people try to follow a more modern style to decorate the home.  An aesthetic shift took place during these years, and coffee tables were made in a minimalist style.

In short, when it comes to interior design, you’ll want to recall and recover the image of past times to create alternative, unique and contemporary environments.

In this sense, choosing a good coffee table is essential – it’ll be a focal point and an important element in your living room.


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