The Round Table - A Vintage Resource

The round table is in vogue, meaning that people are starting to include them in their homes again in order to give them a certain nostalgic touch with which to remember the past.
The Round Table - A Vintage Resource

Last update: 28 January, 2021

We are all familiar with pieces of furniture reminiscent of the past that are still present in homes nowadays. An exemplary case is the round table – a vintage resource that was a very common decorative item in the twentieth century.

You may have inherited such a table and don’t know what to do with it. Don’t think that it’s outdated and no longer useful. It goes well with many different decorative styles.

This table has always provided a very interesting function, but it can also be decorated in such a way that it becomes an attractive decorative element.

Bringing back the past with a round table

A table covered with tablecloths.

Traditional resources have become jewels for the world of decoration. Although you can transform them or change them aesthetically, they’ll maintain their ancient essence and basic structure.

Of course, a round table isn’t a fundamental and necessary piece of furniture. In turn, the rest of the furniture doesn’t have to revolve around it. It should be an enhancement.

It can be considered a nostalgic reminder of how old houses were. You can mold it yourself to make it look modern.

It’s a simple table that you can adapt perfectly to any decorative style.

The most common round table

A round table in a living room.

The most common round table has four legs and a circular board. It can also have space below to place the brazier, although they’re sold without this element nowadays. How you can decorate the table?

  • A basic and simple way is by placing a tablecloth or cloth on top to hide the internal structure of the table. To make it more attractive, the tablecloth can have prints or be embroidered. However, plain ones also work great.
  • Another idea is to use two tablecloths. You can place one of one color on the bottom and another shorter one on top that only covers the board. The latter must be of another color or pattern to provide another aesthetic.
  • If you want to protect the table and the tablecloths as well, you can place a glass on the surface. Formerly, it was quite common to find round tables with this added element. This way, the tablecloths are visible.

The round table – nostalgic and curious

A rectangular round table.

There’s a very interesting option, which is using a rectangular round table. It has two long sides and can fit better in other rooms, as it consists of straight lines.

  • They’re made of wood and may also be low, but with enough space for the brazier.
  • You can decorate them the same way we explained above, with one or two tablecloths. The important thing is for there to be a contrast between the two.
  • You shouldn’t leave it bare. If you do, it’ll lose the very essence of what a round table is. The peculiarity of this piece of furniture is that, when you sit close to it, you can put the table skirt on your legs.
  • Formerly, families ate at this table. However, you shouldn’t turn it into a dining table.

Round table for the bedroom or bathroom

A round table in a bedroom.

Also, you can find small round tables. They don’t have the same functionality as bigger ones. Therefore, they’re purely decorative items.

You can cover it with two tablecloths and turn it into a very timely stand to place vases, sculptures, or any other decorative item. You should place it in a corner or side so it complements the decoration.

Decoration of the table skirt

A table with a tablecloth.

You can embroider or print things on the table skirt. They’ll hang in a wave. Thus, you can add some resources to make the table look more original.

Remember that the table shouldn’t stand out too much. Instead, it should be complementary. It should relate to the rest of the furniture in subtle ways, especially with the sofa and the paint on the walls.

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