Boho Chic Dining Table

If you like keeping things colorful and full of patterns, try decorating your dining table with a boho chic decor. You'll love the results!
Boho Chic Dining Table

Last update: 28 February, 2019

Boho chic (which originates from the Bohemian style) is increasingly popular. Characterized by its dreamy, free-spirited, flexible and colorful character, it’s a style that works in many spaces. In today’s post, we’ll show you how to use it to decorate your dining table.

First off, remember that boho chic stems from the Bohemians, who embraced a free-spirited lifestyle that rejected norms. It’s also a “traveling” style that collects objects or accessories from all over the world.

While the style clearly has strong roots from the Bohemian decor, boho chic uses elements that are more elegant and  sophisticated. So, current trends can also be used in this beautiful decor style as well.

boho chic dining table 1

Boho chic settings have an easily recognizable exotic, hippy feel to them. Feel tree to mix and match furniture pieces and accessories from different styles and cultures (the Bohemian style has different variations and trends) as long as they go well together aesthetically.

As we already mentioned at the beginning of our post, boho chic works for any room, like bedrooms or living rooms. Read on to discover our ideas for decorating your dining table with a boho chic air.

What should a dining table be like?

Wooden ones are perfect. Dining tables come in two main options:

  1. Low table: low tables allow diners to eat on the floor, sitting on rugs, pillows, cushions, poofs or a combination of them all. This option will look very hippy, especially if you place your table in a yard or a green area that’s closer to nature.
  2. High table: If you’re not interested in eating on the floor, you can always look for a higher table. We recommend finding one that has an aged, natural finish. Painted tables, with a weathered feel, are also a great option. You can purchase tables with a vintage or antique finish, but you can also do it yourself with a stripping technique.
boho chic dining table 2

The best textiles for the boho chic

Look for colorful tablecloths that use a mix of decorative motifs. There are no rules in boho chic. Let your creative side run wild.

You can also opt for individual placemats. We recommend adding an extra dose of boho chic by looking for fabric options, not plastic ones. Remember that textures, just like decorative motifs (preferable ethnic ones) also play an important role in this style. Using placemats will let your table peep through, filling the setting with warmth.

In our previous posts, we’ve already touched upon macrame. You can make (or buy) macrame tablecloths or individual place mats for gorgeous table decor. If you want to go with the tablecloth, let it hang over both ends of your table a bit without reaching the floor; it’ll look wonderful.

Mind the details

Of course, dishware comes first. Just as we saw with the textiles, don’t be afraid to mix patterns, colors or even designs. If you set up everything carefully, the final result with be absolutely lovely.

Choose lighter or bolder colors depending on what kind of style you want to create. Do the same thing with materials: ceramic or glass dishware are popular choices but we’ve also seen wooden bowls and plates, which add a natural feel to tables. As for cups and glasses, colorful glass pieces that have a little texture are the most widely used. And for silverware, many people choose designs that have a golden or metallic shine, like these ones from Zara Home.

boho chic dining table 3

A perfect boho chic look

Adding on to everything that we talked about above, we have to include floral arrangements, candles, lanterns, little cacti, mini-pots, stones or shell-filled glass jars or wooden coasters— just to name a handful.

Boho chic is a precious look that offers us plenty of possibilities for decor, making it incredibly popular for special decoration like weddings.

Though all of the elements don’t seem like they’d go well together at first, you’ll love how they come together harmoniously, creating a setting full of joy, freedom, and energy as well. Even though we’ve only talked about decorating your dining table with a boho chic decor, you can decorate your entire room with the style, too.