3 Tips for Protecting Your Wooden Countertop

If you have a wooden countertop, make sure to read these tips on keeping it protected.
3 Tips for Protecting Your Wooden Countertop

Last update: 19 January, 2020

We all know that wood is a high-maintenance material. In our post today, we want to focus on wooden countertop care.

But what are some factors that you should consider as you browse countertops? For starters, think about how much you plan on using it, if you prefer easy-to-clean models, or which style best fits your home decor (this is extremely important).

If you decide to go with a wooden countertop, keep in mind that it’ll need regular maintenance. While every type of wood will ultimately have its special care requirements, they all generally need more maintenance than other materials.

But a wooden countertop will create a natural, organic, warm and cozy atmosphere for your kitchen. In our post today, read our tips on protecting your wooden countertop so it will last longer.

1. Protecting from stains and humidity

wooden countertop stains

Our first tip is about keeping your countertop clean. While you don’t have to take cleaning to an extreme, you should clean regularly.

Failing to do so will allow grime to build up and result in stains. To clean them, use neutral detergents or alcohol. Avoid using abrasive products as they can harm wooden surfaces.

Also, never set hot pots or pans on your wooden countertop as they’ll leave a mark. The same goes for water as it can discolor the surface. If you don’t clean it up in time, something as trivial as the water marks from a glass of water can ruin your countertop.

2. Brush and sand

wooden countertop brush

Keep your wooden countertop in perfect condition by brushing and sanding it regularly. You should also make sure to use a sponge that won’t scratch the surface when cleaning.

If you find cracks in your countertop, fill them with wax. Apply the warm wax to the surface with a rag. Once it cools down, use the rag to rub the wax in until the crack is filled and level with the rest of the surface.

A crack won’t ruin your wooden countertop. But make sure to treat it to prevent it from growing into a bigger problem.

3. Apply varnish

wooden countertop varnish

Varnish is essential for protecting countertops. It closes the pores in the wood, keeping it from transpiring. Varnish also protects wood from stains or dust (check out these ways to eliminate dust from your home).

Varnish, along with stains, are types of finishes. But unlike varnish, stains don’t close wood pores, which allows them to penetrate the entire piece of wood.

The most important part about maintaining your wooden countertop is being consistent in its care. Make sure to clean and treat it regularly so that it stays in great condition.