Block Out Cold and Dust with Door Draft Stopper Pillows

Most people haven't heard of draft door stopper pillows. But they're effectiveness against cold temperatures and dust are quickly turning them into a decor trend.
Block Out Cold and Dust with Door Draft Stopper Pillows

Last update: 04 December, 2019

Even if you close your door, drafts find their way into homes through the tiny space between the door and floor. Keep the cold and dust out with a door draft stopper pillow.

Door draft stoppers help better insulate spaces. By blocking out the draft and the temperature changes it causes, rooms stay warmer.

These inventions also have another essential function: they keep dirt and insects from entering your home. Nobody likes finding a cockroach or similar intruders crawling around. So these amazing pillows actually serve two important purposes.

General product description

door draft stopper description

These pillows are functional elements that also serve a decorative purpose. They’re long and cylindrical, covering the entire width of the door. They are only intended for the space at the bottom of a door.

You can find door draft stopper pillows in many designs: animals, patterns, messages or as replicas of everyday objects. They come in all different styles as well, ranging from basic to adorable.

But remember that they have to be fixed securely to your door. If not, when you open your door they’ll fly across the floor. In addition, make sure that they’re completely covering the gap between the door and floor.

Secure attachment

door draft stopper pillow attachment

Your door draft stopper pillow needs to be securely attached to your door so it won’t move every time you go through it. But don’t worry, fixing your stopper pillow is easy and won’t harm your floor or door.

  • Attach a strip of velcro to your door and another to your door draft stopper pillow. Velcro will ensure that everything stays in place. In addition, velcro lasts a long time and is very reliable.
  • Or, you can look for a pillow with wheels. Some models feature a small roller wheel on each end, which connects to a piece of fabric that slips onto the bottom part of the door. These models allow you to open and close your door easily.
  • But there are many other options that will help you securely fix your pillow onto your door. Whether it’s sticky tack or another material, keep your options open.
  • Never resort to making holes in your door or damaging it with products like glue or silicone.

Make your own draft stopper pillow

door draft stopper pillow DIY

We often head to stores hoping to find a product that will suit our needs perfectly. But we might not always find that perfect product. Considering how easy these pillows are to make, you can do-it-yourself.

  • Make a long shape out of a soft material: towel, cotton, foam paper, fabric, etc. Whatever you use, just make sure to make a long, soft cylinder that isn’t too heavy.
  • Choose the fabric for your pillow to fit your design: patterns, geometrical shapes or simple solid colors.
  • If you want to make an animal pillow, sew a head onto one end. The pillow will be the body and the results will be adorable.

— Handmade decor are a true reflection of personal creativity. —

Where can you buy one?

door draft stopper purchase

You can find door draft stoppers at any home decor store. But they might not come in a wide variety. If not, check out internet stores for a wider selection.

Eminza is a great website to browse (link in Spanish): they have many cute accessories for any decor style. Take a look for yourself and find a number of options that will match your needs.

And of course, there’s always Amazon. Buying from Amazon has the advantage of fast delivery and great return options.

And Maisons du Monde is another internet webpage that offers fun and basic door draft stopper pillows (link in Spanish). While their prices might be a little higher, their products are cute and offer higher quality.

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