5 Cute yet Practical Foam Sheet Crafts

Join us today and learn how to make beautiful crafts with foam paper. Embellish your spaces and have a blast with your little ones.
5 Cute yet Practical Foam Sheet Crafts

Last update: 10 October, 2019

Foam sheets are a flexible material that’s easy to work with, making it ideal for all kinds of crafts. In addition, foam sheets are  soft, smooth and can work well with other decorative elements.

You can find this incredible material at stationary or arts and crafts stores. Foam paper also comes in different varieties – smooth or textured and in plenty of colors.

In addition, foam sheets are a great material for craft time with your kids. They’ll be able to handle it easily and create beautiful results. In our post today, we have some creative ideas for foam paper crafts!

Creative foam sheet crafts

Choose your favorite color and texture to start your crafts. Once you have your materials, check out our fun ideas to make yourself. Let’s get to work!

foam paper crafts variety

1. Decorated letters

You can make your own letters or a combination of letters with foam sheets. And you can even use them to create pictures for your bedroom doors and other spaces. To get started on this craft, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Foam sheet
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Pencil
  • Paint
  • Decorative details

First, start by using the paper to create a stencil. Make a stencil of the letter in the size and style of your preference. Once you have your letter, cut it out.

Now your stencil is ready. Place it on top of your foam sheet. Press it down with your hand as you cut out the letter from the sheet.

Once you have your letter, decorate it! Try adding some glitter or draw on some designs. After, when you’re finished decorating your letter, use it to decorate your children’s rooms.

2. Money purse or cosmetic bag

Another great craft to try is making your own money purse or cosmetic bag. It’s simple to make. You’ll need the following materials:

  • Foam sheet (your color preference)
  • Decorative details
  • Glue or needle and thread
  • Closing element (buttons, velcro or something similar)

First, take your foam sheet and fold it in half vertically to create the base structure. After, glue or sew the sides together. Aesthetically speaking, sewing always gives beautiful results.

Lastly, once your bag is securely closed, add your closing element to the top flap. Buttons or velcro will make for a bag that’s conveniently easy to open or close. Next, decorate your bag however you wish.

3. Coasters

You can also make cute coasters in different shapes and colorsCircular coasters with additional layers of foam sheets in different colors are especially adorable. When you’re done, you’ll have a nice set of colorful coasters for your table.

foam sheet crafts coasters

4. Original stamps

Another great craft idea is making your own personalized stickers with foam sheets. Carve out a design and after, stick it onto the bottom of a wooden stub you have laying around at home.

You can use the stamp to decorate all kinds of objects in your home. Dip it in ink and decorate it! Have fun with your kids and embellish everything.

5. Cover

Our last idea is already a popular craft idea as well. Use foam sheets to cover and decorate objects. You can use sheets that already have a design or decorate them yourself.

Use them to cover bottles, pencil cases, cups and more. And all you have to do is stick it onto the surface with glue and you’re done!

Choose the craft that is the most interesting to you and create beautiful yet practical crafts. Foam sheets are also great material for playing with your kids and stimulating their creativity. You can find this material at stationary and arts and crafts stores. Give it a try and create beautiful objects to use or decorate your home.

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