Home Sauna - Keeping Up with the Maintenance

Having a sauna at home is a privilege but it comes hand-in-hand with maintenance.
Home Sauna - Keeping Up with the Maintenance

Last update: 24 December, 2019

Having a home sauna is a real treat. Being able to enjoy the benefits of a sauna at home isn’t something everyone is lucky enough to have. Saunas aren’t cheap and need a great deal of space for installation. If you’re lucky enough to have one at home, make sure you know the regular maintenance it requires.

In our post today, we want to dive into the most important aspects of sauna maintenance. Just as you’ll read shortly, home saunas require a lot of care. We recommend learning and understanding everything about it before installing one in your home.

Take precaution during maintenance

home sauna precaution

First things first, before any starting any kind of maintenance, unplug everything. You will need to use chemical products to keep your sauna clean and take apart certain elements like screens. In light of that, make sure to put safety first.

Every sauna will have its own unique system of electrical components. Take the time to learn and understand your sauna’s configuration in order to disconnect it safely and completely. Once everything is disconnected, you can move on to the actual maintenance.

Clean the wooden boards twice a month

home sauna wooden boards

Of all the elements in a sauna, the wooden boards get the dirtiest over time. Aside from collecting sweat, they absorb humidity each time you use your sauna. Thus, you should take them apart to clean them twice a month if you use your sauna regularly.

Once you remove all the wooden boards, use a brush to scrub on a cleaning product that contains fungicides. Then, let them dry and once dry, put them back.

While this is a cumbersome job that can take up a good portion of your day, it’s the only way to ensure a safe and healthy home sauna.

Remove sweat stains as soon as possible

home sauna sweat stains

Not surprisingly, sweating is a natural result of sitting in a sauna. In fact, sweat is a sign that your sauna is giving you what you paid for. But after your sauna session, you leave behind your sweat and dead skin cells.

Consequently, cleaning those sweat stains as soon as possible is essential. Cleaning is especially important if multiple people use the same sauna. Wood’s porous nature causes it to absorb sweat so be sure to deal with the stains as soon as you can.

The best way to clean them is by scrubbing in a gentle cleaning product with a brush. If you have a large, wooden sauna, this will mean a lot of work. Make it easier on yourself by using a towel to sit on during your sauna sessions. This simple habit will save you the trouble of cleaning off sweat stains.

Keep your home sauna screens clean

home sauna screens

Screens are essential elements for every home sauna. Make sure to give them the maintenance they deserve. Besides, screens will likely harbor most of the mold and bacteria so don’t forget to clean them regularly.

First, detach the screens. Make sure you use a cleaning product that contains fungicides as they’re the only way to treat such problems.

Contact a professional to ensure safe conditions

home sauna professional

Our post focused on regular maintenance for home saunas. But you should call a professional once a year to analyze the safety conditions. They should have the relevant qualifications and tools to ensure that everything is safe and in good order.

In addition, the professional can give you further maintenance guidelines. He or she can confirm if you’re on the right track and using the right cleaning products.

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