The Minimalist Chest: A New Decor Trend

The chest is back in fashion thanks to its new minimalist design. It's a good opportunity to incorporate it into your home and enrich the interiors in a simple and functional way.
The Minimalist Chest: A New Decor Trend

Last update: 13 December, 2020

The organization of any room is essential. For this reason, you must have furniture that serves as a means of storing all kinds of things and, also, looks good. Therefore, below we’re going to take a look at the minimalist chest.

When it comes to the latest trends, it’s a good idea to know the market. On the Internet, you can find what’s new and what features are prevalent in the interior design world.

More and more professionals are advocating the use of functional items that also fulfill an aesthetic mission. In other words, a piece of furniture that serves more than one purpose.

Qualities of the chest

A minimalist chest at the foot of the bed.

First of all, you need to learn about the basic qualities of a chest. It’s an item that’s had different designs throughout history, but without having lost its fundamental essence which basically consists of a storage space for all kinds of objects.

It can be found in various designs. Some are large and others are very small. To know which one is the right one for you, you must take into account what you want to use it for.

Over the last century, this furniture item has become less popular. In fact, people usually think of it as an antique item with no real purpose. However, new decor trends are opening up other paths which allow it to be part of the interior decor.

The chest hasn’t gone out of fashion, it just needs to find its purpose.

The main features of the minimalist chest

Before pointing out what the main characteristics of the minimalist chest are, you should be aware of its usefulness. It doesn’t have to be a simple trunk. In fact, it can meet some very unique aesthetic parameters.

  1. Its straight lines establish a singular and daring piece. However, it goes well anywhere and is a truly functional item. Whichever way you look at it, it doesn’t clash or create visual tension.
  2. It can be placed at the foot of the bed, and there are also some with a cushioned surface you can sit on. This way, you can place it in the living room as a seat.
  3. Some have basic lines that make it just a simple rectangular box. Also, there are some with handles on the sides, drawers on the bottom, or completely closed without having any other use than being a bench.
  4. Minimalism eliminates outdated designs and offers a contemporary design. It’s a way of beautifying your house through a more innovative, original, and refined aesthetic. In other words, a new trend.
  5. The white minimalist chest is the most popular, but they also come in beige, gray, black, blue, etc. At the same time, wooden ones are increasing in popularity.

A minimalist chest outdoors

A minimalist chest in the garden.

Generally, chests are usually found in bedrooms or living rooms. However, placing it in the garden can be another option.

The most popular are wooden ones that are insulated and have a water-proof coating. Also, some are made of polypropylene plastic. Either is resistant to bad weather.

So, in this case, these are two varieties of a fully functional minimalist chest. Aesthetically, they’re not striking and don’t clash with each other. Therefore, you can use them as containers.

So, why should you get a minimalist chest?

New interior design trends are moving in a very contemporary direction. That’s to say, items that stick to basic and schematic lines without creating complications are popular.

In this sense, the idea is to use a minimalist style, which predominates in apartments and, also, in beach homes and country houses.

In short, these types of storage units go well in any home, but these latest trends can help you to make your home more simple and efficient.

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