10 Types of Beautiful and Useful Side Tables

Among the many types of side tables that you can choose to complement your home decor, we've selected ten styles that you'll love.
10 Types of Beautiful and Useful Side Tables

Last update: 11 May, 2021

There are so many different types and styles of side tables that it’s difficult to mention just one. When choosing which one will suit your needs, and in addition to its style, you must also consider its use and shape.

This is with the aim of sizing it with the other furniture and space that you already have. Therefore, to help you, we’ve compiled ten beautiful and different styles that you can choose from.

What can you use side tables for?

You can use them to decorate spaces or hold decorative elements.

Side tables differ from coffee tables, although they could be used for that purpose too. They have many uses within the home, in addition to just looking beautiful. You can use them as a base for a vase or a flower pot. You can also place your landline telephone and a notebook there to write down important data.

Among the most common locations for placement are in the corners of rooms. Be it the bedroom, living room, or dining room, you can place them to the sides of sofas or armchairs. When necessary, your family or visitor can place a drink there; which is how side tables are most commonly used, in particular, side tables with a tray.

Among other uses for side tables you can consider the following:

  • As a bookcase.
  • To balance the room.
  • As a complement to your desk.
  • To replace the bedside table

Ten types of beautiful and useful side tables

These ten types of side tables are more than just visually appealing. Use them to display something such as an ornament, a flower pot, decorative candles or simply use them to complement your other furniture.

1. Round

They are round and all made of wood.

Rounded tables are the most common. There are different materials to choose from too, such as wood, acrylic, glass, or metal, and with rods for support. These round tables, especially mini ones, are perfect for holding a table lamp or some other decorative item.

They go very well next to a sofa or next to the bed. They also fit perfectly in the corners of a room.

2. Square

If you have two sofas, you’ll probably have a couple of empty spaces to fill. The coffee table already does its own job, but it’s often never enough. Place a square side table in empty spaces and play with the size and height, according to the available space.

For the top of the table, for example, you can put magazines or scented candles and at the bottom a beautiful pot that gives vitality and freshness to your room. Now, if you have a small square coffee table, and you feel like there’s a lot of empty space, why not compliment it with a couple of square side tables?

3. Low side tables

Low end tables are a good option for the living room.

You can find both round and square low side tables, created in a wide variety of materials. In general, they’re inspired by Moroccan design. They’re used to decorate meditation spaces or those where you can sit on the floor.

In addition, they’re also used to stand tall objects and items such as vases, flower pots, or lamps on them. You can even use them to store stacks of magazines or books, at different heights.

Don’t just save these tables for your interior space! Those made of wicker, exotic wood, and rattan go very well in the garden, patio, pool, terrace, or balcony.

4. Materials

Tall side tables also vary in their shapes and the materials they’re made of. If you have a large space, choose a tall, large table, which protrudes next to the arms of the chairs. Try to place attractive objects and items on the top, such as a flower arrangement or a lamp that complements its design.

They also go very well in the corners, next to beds if it’s in a bedroom or in a passageway where a flower arrangement, (either synthetic or natural), will also go very well.

5. Combining levels and heights

This is one of the most beautiful types of side tables, whether you choose round or square tables, made of wood or glass. You can find this type united or separated. Usually, they’re two and three tables together, of the same style, but at different levels.

You can use them as a centerpiece, as they’ll fulfill this function perfectly. They’re often used to decorate offices or large spaces. You can use them as you wish, together or separately, everything will depend on what best suits your needs and your space.

6. Wood

These are side tables made of sturdy wood.

Wooden tables are another very popular type and style. You can choose from solid wood, with thin legs, or with a single contoured base, also called a pedestal.

The latter goes very well at the sides of armchairs or beds. On the terrace, for example, you can place a couple of wooden tables on the sides. It won’t take up much space and will be very useful.

This is an elegant and versatile material, so you can find occasional tables with surprising designs. Carved, with cuts and different figures. They can even be found mixed with other materials. Imagine a wooden table, but with metal legs!

7. Industrial style

Side tables with industrial inspiration are those that are square and with metal bases. The base can be made of the same material, wood or glass, even other materials such as terrazzo.

These tables give a very beautiful contemporary touch, they’re light and durable. You can put them next to the sofa, use them as a centerpiece, or place them at the foot of the bed.

8. Nest table

The nest-type of side tables come in different heights so that when stored, they can be hidden under the largest one. This is very useful because they adapt to different spaces. Usually, they’re in a set of two or three tables so you can use them in the same place or distribute them as you see fit.

9. Glass

Use glass end tables.

Glass tables are very elegant and therefore you need to position them in such a way that they’re noticeable. You can also find them in different sizes and shapes. There are also tables with glass bases and wooden or metal legs.

These go very well on the sides of the sofas. They can also complement a coffee table and look wonderful outside, especially if they have metal legs.

10. Make a bold statement

Finally, we’ll talk about the types of side tables that incorporate different shapes. Yes, that’s right, there are round bases with square legs or vice versa.

You’ll even find square and round-based tables but with irregular or elongated figures. As well as completely irregular wooden tables, made of logs or small joined branches.

If you’d like to be a little bolder and creative with the decorative elements of your home, this is a great option.

What type of side tables will you choose?

As you can see, there are many types of side tables and multiple uses for them. Depending on the space you have available at home, you can choose to mix different styles. Remember, they don’t have to be of the same type!

To recap, rounded wooden tables with curved shapes can complement a square glass coffee table, and different heights can create harmony.

The options and combinations are vast! So choose the side table or those that go best with your current decor. Then, combine sizes and shapes to give a touch of dynamism to your space.