Decorate and Mix Different Colored Furniture

If you like furniture in different colors, but you don't know how to mix it keep reading this article to learn how.
Decorate and Mix Different Colored Furniture

Last update: 08 March, 2021

This article will show you there’s much more to color than white, gray, or beige. Here, you’ll find tips to decorate and mix furniture of different colors.

There are some beautiful designs of furniture, but it’s not always easy to mix them. Our tips will help you combine colors and get the hang of it and, before you know it, your home will be full of style.

 Different Colored Furniture is IN

Although you probably know all about the decoration trends that use neutral colors and spaces, we’re sure you agree that a little color can give more personality to a room.

The first step is to complement colors: cushions, carpets, even plants, etc. Once you understand this, you may want to take it a bit further. If this is you, it’s time to think about a colorful couch or a big piece of furniture that draws attention.

If you’re fed up with monochrome rooms then bring some life into your home. Using furniture of different colors, you’ll give your home a sense of freshness and personality. This is a very simple decorative solution to get an amazing transformation.

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Matching colors with the walls

If you’d like to add a few pieces of furniture of different colors but don’t know how, you can start discretely by matching them with the walls. This way they’ll look like part of the overall decoration. This is a great idea for small spaces. The furniture may be subtle, but its color will take center stage.

Upholstered furniture in different colors

Another great and simple way to add more color to your home is through upholstered furniture. The most trendy couches are colorful, so it’s a good advice to get one to give your room that wow effect you’re looking for.

Start little by little

If you don’t want to do something too radical, why not start with a pouf? This is a fun way to add functional furniture. It’ll draw attention in a subtle way and, if you use a few details of the same color, you’ll see the effect will be much greater. Try vases, flowers, cushions, etc.

Different colored furniture  in the kitchen

White kitchens are timeless, but why not add a few other shades and tones of color? Try blue or light green to give it a vintage and warm look, and add a few pieces of wicker and wood that match the other colors. You’ll love how good it’ll look!

A splash of color in the bedroom

The bedroom should be a place to relax. However, you can add a splash of color and make it into a very special place. A great tip is choosing a colorful headboard.

Our favorite colors

If you don’t know what colors will be best for your home, yellow is a great way to add light and warmth. If your house is dark, try using furniture in this color.

On the other hand, you can also match colors using small furniture or decorative pieces. For example, designing a living room with a pair of blue chairs and a red couch.

For the bedroom, use soothing colors, like blue and green. If you want to create a romantic setting, pale rose is perfect because it’s subtle, warm, and cheerful.

Using furniture of different colors is a great idea to give life to any space and add personality.

Start small and follow a chromatic palette and match the rest of the decor. Your house will look like a magazine cover.

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