Flowers - The Best Way to Liven up Your Home

You'll see how easy it is to brighten and liven up your home with colors and flowers. Discover the best ideas here.
Flowers - The Best Way to Liven up Your Home

Last update: 07 November, 2020

If you want to liven up your home, there’s an easy way to do by adding some nature and decorating with flowers. You can use them in their natural form in pots and vases or splash their beautiful silhouettes on your fabrics or even the walls of your home.

There are so many ways you can use flowers to decorate. Additionally, they’re a great way to give a touch of summer. Take a look at these ideas and enjoy nature in its purest form.

Liven up your home with natural flowers

Some flowers you can liven up your home with.

Vases are the best way to decorate your home with flowers, although there are some tricks and several rules you may not know. By following these expert tips you’ll see you can get much more out of colors and shapes.

Flowers in threes

If you’re going to put flowers in your living room, it’s best to place them in three distinct places. One vase on the coffee table and two others to match on the sideboard or coffee table. This way, they’ll catch everyone’s eye and give the room a fresh feeling.

However, you can also decorate with green branches or sticks to give more harmony to the room. You can also take advantage of the goodness nature offers and make centerpieces with wildflowers that you can pick during a walk in the countryside.

Where should you put them?

Let your imagination run wild because there are so many options. From small reused glass bottles to an old tureen, or even a porcelain pitcher. There are lots of fun inspiring ideas on  Pinterest . And of course, you can also put them in flower pots.

Liven up your home by matching the flowers to the decor

A shabby chic living room.

If you want to give your home an extra touch of style, combine the color of the flowers with the rest of the decor. They can match the color of the walls, the sofa, or the cushions, but make sure you look for a shade that’s in the same color range.

If your main items are in soft and neutral tones, you can be a little riskier through the contrast of the flowers. Putting fuchsia or red flowers in a white room is really powerful.

Finding the perfect location

When decorating your house with flowers, don’t forget about aromatic flowers. For example, tuberoses or Stargazer lilies are ideal for a foyer so as soon as you enter the house it’ll immediately smell lovely.

On the contrary, avoid them in the bedroom because their powerful smell can be distracting while you sleep. Let everyone who comes into your home enjoy their beauty and fill the rooms with flowers.

Liven up your home with flowers on your decor items

A tea set with flowers you can liven up your home home with.

Another way to decorate with flowers is to use floral decorated items. You can have them on prints, bedding, wallpaper, etc.

A colorful table

There’s nothing more beautiful and cheerful than floral table linen. It’s perfect when entertaining family rand for gatherings in the garden or inside. There are many options at Zara Home.

A dinner service with floral elements is another option. Summertime is ideal to renew some of the items you use daily such as plates or glasses.

Flowers on the walls

How about putting some flowered wallpaper on the main wall of the bedroom? Without a doubt, this is a great way to give a charming touch to the room and then you just have to place furniture with very simple lines.

You’ll surely fall in love with this romantic wallpaper with red, pink, and green tones by Sascha Stannard. Also, it could be perfect for a child’s room, don’t you think? Furthermore, t hanks to its colors, you’ll have a very harmonious and relaxed space.

Another alternative is to place floral prints or pictures on the walls, which is one of the hottest trends this year and looks great. Here are some ideas about how to create a harmonic composition on your walls.

Sofas with floral prints, cushions, decor items in the shape of a flower, or with them printed on… there are so many possibilities that you’ll see how simple it is to liven up your home with flowers and let them enhance your home.

We’re sure you’ll have a lot of great ideas. Liven up your home with flowers and share all that creativity you have.

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