Renovating a Rustic Kitchen

A rustic kitchen isn't just cozy and country; it's functional and convenient, too. Renovate yours with certain colors and furniture pieces. It'll look perfect!
Renovating a Rustic Kitchen

Last update: 06 February, 2020

More and more people want a rustic kitchen because they boast both beauty and originality. They even look wonderful in city apartments!

Wooden cabinets, that country feel and natural materials all work together to create a decor style that is still practical. In our post today, we have some tips on renovating your rustic kitchen.

Tips for renovating rustic kitchens

Regardless of whether you live in a city apartment or have a weekend home in the countryside, your home can enjoy a rustic kitchen.

Do you love rural life and want to replicate it for your urban everyday? A rustic kitchen can be more contemporary than you think and it’s not hard to make it yours.

1. Design with personality

rustic kitchen personality

Rustic kitchens are somewhat irregular spaces and have an equally interesting decor and furniture. Just what you need to plan a decor that captures your style and needs!

Set up shelving units, install an oven or a refrigerator into the wall, add a stone decor accessory, use wooden furniture… Whatever you can think of!

2. A rustic kitchen needs to stay connected

rustic kitchen outdoors

Create a perfect rustic kitchen by keeping it connected to the living or dining room. An open-concept plan will not only make your home look bigger and more spacious, but it’ll also help you  make the most of natural light, views and time with family or guests. Rustic kitchens really work better with open-concept layouts.

We also recommend keeping it connected to your outdoor space as well, such as a play area or greenhouse. Distribute your layout however you want. You’ll love being able to look around at your entire home or enjoying your garden views as you cook or have breakfast.

3. Go for antique furniture pieces

rustic kitchen antique

One of the best options for creating a rustic kitchen is using antique-style furniture. But it doesn’t actually have to be antique. These days, you can find this style at flea markets or home decor stores.

We recommend focusing on a wall so it matches your wooden furniture. Cover it entirely in stone. Wood and stone are an unstoppable duo!

Another option is installing wooden beams on your ceiling, just like the ones that you might see in old farmhouses. Beams will create a very cozy setting for your kitchen!

rustic kitchen color

A rustic kitchen doesn’t have to be dark, brown and bleak. Paint it white and open the space up! Doing so will bring in a lot of light while matching perfectly with your wood and stone elements.

Another great idea is painting your cupboards white and installing wooden counter-tops. And wooden floors and other details will be just the trick for creating a truly rustic air.

5. Mind the lighting

rustic kitchen lighting

Counters or dining areas (such as a bar) are the best areas to light up a rustic kitchen. Try restoring old metal light fixtures for a perfect setting. If you just want to use one light fixture, make sure it’s big.

6. Don’t forget about your rustic kitchen accessories

rustic kitchen accessories

Vases with flowers, table runners, hand-sewn tablecloths, baskets full of fruit... You are free to use anything you can think of to create a perfect rustic kitchen decor. Look for natural materials such as wood or wool for a special touch.

Don’t be scared of DIY to make decorative details. For example, you could make hanging pots, dream-catchers, or shelves to hold bottles or anything you want.

Having a rustic kitchen means that you can give it the decor that it deserves. Whether straight-forward or luxurious, don’t forget that it needs to be cozy and functional.

You’ll want to spend more time in your beautiful kitchen. On top of wanting to share it with loved ones, prepare meals for your family and even enjoy a rare moment for yourself on a Sunday morning.

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