Decorating with River Stones and Pebbles

Nature provides us with a wide range of resources that we can use to decorate our homes. Stones and pebbles are great examples.
Decorating with River Stones and Pebbles

Last update: 04 February, 2019

Among the many great building and decorating materials given to us by nature, you will find river stones and pebbles. These are very simple, but if you use them correctly you’ll find that they can bring so much to your home.

Some stones are almost like sculptures in their shape and textures. But for them to be truly appreciated by others, you need to make the transition from natural element to work of art clear for all to see. And this can only be done if you can turn it into a true decorative element.

In other words, by giving them a sense of purpose, even a simple stone or pebble can take on a whole new character, and have a real impact on your home. However, while it is true that almost any stone will do, river stones are usually the most popular, as they are easier to incorporate into all sorts of different decorative styles.

River stones and pebbles: a natural touch

Display your river stones and pebbles in a box to create a really charming decoration.

Obviously, as well as plants and wood, there are lots of other elements that you can use to bring a natural touch to your decor. We should also point out that river stones and pebbles aren’t just great for gardens and outdoor spaces; you can also use them inside your home.

Michael Grab is an artist who has created a series of sculptures using stones and pebbles, entitled Gravity Glue But don’t be fooled by the name. In spite of the word glue, the stones are held together by nothing more than their own weight.

And in the same way that this artist has managed to create stunning works of art out of stones, so you can too. All you need is the motivation, and you can create your own beautiful decorations. Of course, the size, color, and texture of your stones need to suit the style of your home.

Things to consider

So, how can you use your stones in your decor? You might have some doubts about bringing stones into your home. You might even think that they’ll look out of place, or that they might ruin the aesthetic. If this is the case, then you need to consider the following:

  • If you’re going to use stones to decorate, it’s best to have your home fully furnished first. The stones are to be a decorative element to complement your decor, not one of the main features.
  • Choose smaller stones rather than bigger ones to make them easier to work with.
  • Use stones with interesting shapes and colors; don’t just pick up the first one you find. The aim is to create something beautiful, so they need to be eye-catching and attractive.
  • And decorations aren’t the only thing that you can use stones for; you can also use them as paperweights.
  • Look for stones with unusual shapes: you can find smooth stones, sharp stones, and stones with geometric shapes.

The natural shape of the stones can help you to create a more interesting decoration.

Ways to include them in your decoration

Because of the effect of the water, river stones have a smooth surface. If you use bigger stones, you can even use them as a plinth or pedestal, upon which you can place smaller stones and gemstones.

You can also take your river stones and pebbles and place them in a glass box. This will give them pride of place in your room, and give them a more interesting look. When people see them on display like this, they’re sure to ask why they’re so special.

Just as you can take river stones and arrange them to create shapes on the ground, so too can you use them to create patterns in dishes or on the walls.

Many people take light or white-colored river stones and draw pictures on them in black, gold or silver marker. You can then display them in a bowl or other container.

River stones and pebbles can be a beautiful addition to your garden.

Decorating your garden

Obviously, pebbles and river stones can be used to decorate flower pots, paths and all sorts of outdoor spaces. They’re particularly useful if you’re looking to reduce the number of plants in your garden, and minimize the amount of work you have to do to maintain it.

In fact, you might find that the garden is exactly where stones and pebbles work best. After all, this is the most natural space in our homes, full of plants, water, and fresh air.

There are many different ways to use stones: in lines, circles, layers… There are also many ways to incorporate them into zen gardens.

There’s no denying that river stones and pebbles are great elements to use in your decoration. All you need to do is let your creative juices flow.