Plants and Feng Shui: Do You Know How They Can Help?

Plants and Feng Shui: Do You Know How They Can Help?

Last update: 18 January, 2019

In Feng Shui, life energy is one of its philosophical pillars. And, you need to learn to generate, increase, and move this energy. One of the most effective ways to do this is through natural elements. Because of this, we want to tell you what plants and Feng Shui can do for you.

Plants are perfect for creating harmony and are able to energize areas easily and effectively. They are living things. Knowing where to put them, can give you a lot of physical and emotional benefits. And they’re also great or decorating any area.

Plants and Feng Shui, the magic of nature

plants living room

Plants are a wooden object according to Feng Shui and this element’s qualities are its adaptability and slow but constant growth. It’s associated with aspects of health and balance.

For plants, besides being pretty, they also purify the air thanks to photosynthesis. They give off oxygen and fresh energy.

Plants and Feng Shui come together to revitalize dead areas. In other words, they give the area energy. You can use them to optimize the flow of Chi, or vital energy.

They are great harmonizers. They balance any environment and make spaces more welcoming. When you have plants near you, they can help you to reduce your stress levels.

More about plants

window cactus

When talking about plants and Feng Shui you need to keep in mind that the ones that have flowers are said to improve romantic relationships. Also, if you live with someone else or not, this philosophy says that they increase the feeling of love between you and is spread to your whole home.

You can use little pots with flowers, like lavender (which also has relaxing properties), flowering cacti pansies, or poinsettias during the Christmas season. Avoid cutting off the energy flow. Don’t put plants in places that hinder it.

As you know, plants purify the air and fill it with energy. They can help you improve your health and mood. You shouldn’t forget to put plants in your entryway. They will filter energy, keeping the bad out.

decorative interior plants

If plants are great energy multipliers, you should make sure they’re pretty and leafy. This will translate into all aspects of your life: health, money, love, etc.

Never let plants get dry. This will cause dead energy. For cacti with needles, it’s better to put them outside. They also make a barrier to bad energy.

Plants with thick leaves are perfect for corners, dark spots, or places that natural light doesn’t reach. They help you activate your energy. They also keep your energy source from being blocked.

4 keys for using plants and Feng Shui

plants in bedroom
  • Avoid dry and artificial plants at all costs. These are made out of plastic or fabric. They don’t give you the life energy that you want since they’re dead.
  • Remove dead plants from your home. If you keep them, they will reduce the energy in the area.
  • Your bathroom is usually a place where you have lower energy or where energy is constantly drained. A plant can help you to fill this area with positive energy. Choose a hanging one to attract prosperity.
  • Some plants have sharp leaves. We don’t recommend putting them in common living areas. They can disperse the energy and cause misunderstandings.

Plants and Feng Shui can do a lot for your home’s harmony. Use them to make areas prettier, attract abundance, and fill your home with energy.

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