IKEA 2018 Doormats

If you want to decorate your house inside and out, doormats are a great way to bring in some elegance right from the moment you walk up to the door.
IKEA 2018 Doormats

Last update: 12 January, 2019

Want to give your entryway a bit of flair? Today, we’re going to show you some IKEA doormats from this past year. You can’t leave your doorway out of whatever decorative scheme you use, and doormats are a major part of decorating the space.

There are lots of different kinds nowadays. Some are colorful, some have words on them, and others have interesting textures–there’s something for everyone.

IKEA also has a huge variety of doormats and they’re all affordable. Let’s look at some of the best.

What can you do with a doormat?

Before we go too far, we want to start by talking about why it’s important to have a doormat. It’s part of the decoration and also has a similar function to a rug.

We generally just think of them as something to wipe our shoes off before we go into the house. But that’s not their only function, they can be an entryway decoration.

best doormats 2018

When you walk up to a home, a doormat is there to welcome you. It’s important to make an impression right from the start, and try to harmonize the interior and exterior decorations in your home.

You want your doormat to go well with your home decor, so you need to choose carefully.

There are two things to keep in mind here:

  • Functionality: a texture that will help clean your shoes.
  • Aesthetics: you want it to have shapes or designs that get people’s attention.

Different types of 2018 IKEA doormats

There are several different kinds of doormats in the 2018 IKEA catalogue.

  • Plain color: this is a doormat without designs or patterns, with just one main color.
  • Stamped: these have illustrations stamped onto their surface. That includes things like geometrical shapes, animals, plants, etc…
  • Words: these have a particular message on them, like “Hello” or “Home.”
beige doormat

The IKEA website will even let you look for doormats based on color. If you have your heart set on a particular color, this is a great way to search.

Colors and sizes

There are endless possibilities. You’ll find all different sizes and color combinations to suit everyone’s tastes.

We’ve always liked monochromatic ones because they give off a sense of elegance and seriousness. The most common colors for this are gray, dark blue, and beige.

“Elegance is not about being noticed, it is about being remembered.”

-Giorgio Armani-

There are also some that have several colors, which gives them a more extroverted, fun feel. These will definitely show you’ve taken care in your home decor, all the way down to your entryway.

You should stay away from strong or bold colors like fluorescents, yellow, and especially red, because it catches the eye the same way ti does with clothes.

If you’re worried about size, there are two basic standards: 

  • Short: between 15-20 inches
  • Long: between 23-35 inches

Designs and stamps

If you want one with a stamp or design for visual effect, the 2018 IKEA doormats offer a great selection. Here are some of the varieties of designs:

  • Geometrical shapes: this is a common concept, involving triangles, circles, straight lines, and squares. 
  • Plants: these generally aren’t realistic drawings, just tracings of flowers, leaves, and tree branches. 
  • Lines: straight or curved lines make for a simple, subtle design, without overloading the space.
  • Words: some doormats have messages written on them. The point is to have people feel a certain way when they read it. 
doormat with message

“We must never confuse elegance with snobbery.”

-Yves Saint Laurent-


Doormats generally aren’t expensive. There are price variations, of course, but because these are simple designs being sold worldwide they won’t cost an eye and a leg.

The cheapest tend to be about 4 dollars and the most expensive somewhere around 20.

As with most things, a higher price usually means it’s a higher quality doormat with a more interesting design. Ones at lower prices are generally made out of cheaper material and with more standard designs.


Doormats can be more than just functional objects. Use them as a way to make a great first impression on people who come to visit your house.

Never forget that decoration doesn’t stop with the inside of your house. You have to put care and effort into every single space, even outside.

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