What Should You Look for in a Doormat?

In today's post, we'll show you the toughest doormats for your home.
What Should You Look for in a Doormat?

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Your doormat is the first thing that your guests see. Aside from having a practical use, it also says a lot about the inside of your home. If you’re looking for the best doormat, we’ll give you some pointers for finding one that’ll keep your home clean while decorating your home’s entrance.

You have to think about several things to find the best doormat. These include the material, shape, and size. Additionally, you’ll also need to consider what you want to portray to the people who enter your home.


You should choose your doormat material according to where you want to place it. Since we’re talking about outdoor doormats today, you should look for a strong material. Think about if it’s going to be sitting in a sunny or windy area, or if you live in a place where it rains a lot. Over time, the sun wears doormats down. A strong doormat is your best option; it’ll be a bit more expensive but won’t deteriorate over time.


There are three different materials that most doormats are made of.

Coco coir is one of the most common materials for doormats. For outdoor doormats, we only recommend coir mats for roofed entrance ways. While it’s a pretty strong material, the other materials on our list are stronger and are also resistant to humidity and adverse weather conditions.


Plastic fiber doormats are specially designed for outdoor use. They withstand humidity and dust very well. Their only downside might be that they don’t resist the sun very well and wear out over time. Another advantage that these doormats have is their weight, which allows them to stay in one place, even in windy areas.

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Synthetic fiber

These types of mats are a stronger option, which makes them perfect for outdoor use. They are anti-slip, which makes them good for homes in humid climates. Synthetic fiber mats are also perfect for homes that have a lot of front door traffic.

Doormat shape

As for doormat shapes, there are all kinds of options. What you end up choosing simply depends on your personal preferences. Generally speaking, we usually find the following shapes for doormats:

  • Rectangular. Rectangular mats are the most common and traditional. While their size can vary, they normally are around 40 cm wide and 70 cm long. If you like positive messages, check out these.
  • Half-circle. Maybe you find half-circle mats more visually appealing than their rectangular counterparts, but as we mentioned before, that depends on you. The straight edge lines up with the door and the round edge stays on the outer part.
  • Outlines. If you’re looking for something different, original and fun, then you should really look at mats with stamps or outlines. There are all kinds of options like animals, words, objects… check out this original design.


Doormat 3

Once you’ve settled on a material and shape, you just need to choose the size. As we mentioned earlier, the normal size is around 40 cm wide and 70 cm long. These are the standard measurements, but you can find plenty of other sizes.

We recommend choosing a doormat that fits into the area where you’re planning to use it. The size you’ll need for a landing or an outdoor backyard area won’t be the same.

You should also look for a mat that’ll fit both feet completely, with extra room to spare. Sometimes we can get distracted by a design without realizing that our selection is completely impractical for everyday use.