Industrial Style Kitchen: How to Get the Right Look

Do you want to renovate your kitchen? If so, read this article to find out about the industrial-style kitchen and how to get the right look.
Industrial Style Kitchen: How to Get the Right Look

Last update: 24 February, 2022

If you’ve thought about renovating your kitchen, it’s likely that you’ve thought about the style you want. Decorating your kitchen in an industrial style is one of the best things you can do.

Moreover, the industrial style is easy to incorporate into spaces like the kitchen. This is because it’s very functional and it also lets you reuse old items. This is a style that’s both transparent and timeless. In other words, it’ll never go out of style.

In recent years, we’ve seen the industrial style boom. You can find it used in almost any situation. Not just in homes, but also in businesses, bars, stores, and restaurants.

Industrial style

The industrial style started in the 50s in the US when artists were looking for abandoned factories to live and work in.

Really, this is a very easy style. It gives any area a lot of design and personality. The best thing about it is that it’s so simple, almost anything works with it.

One of the trademark characteristics of this style is exposing structural materials. These include concrete, iron, and other metals.

On the other hand, the decorative elements used in the industrial style can go from second-hand items to recycled ones or others with a more modern and Avant-guard appearance.

Decorate your kitchen with the industrial style

Decorating your kitchen in an industrial style is much easier than you might think. If you don’t want to do a lot of work, you only have to change the following things:


The colors that dominate the industrial style are dark ones. Above all, they have black and gray in all of their tones.

If you’re worried that this will be too dark, you can add color to some things. For instance, a red stainless steel coffee pot or by using fabric.

Kitchen island

Kitchen islands are always a good idea if you want to have more workspace and storage in your kitchen. To decorate your kitchen in an industrial style, a wood and iron kitchen island would be perfect.

Besides being decorative, it’s very functional. It gives you an extra work surface.


As you know, lighting is something that’s super important in the kitchen. To make this area stand out, we suggest changing your lamps to metallic ones.

You can put a fixture with three lights above the work area or over the dining table. Without a doubt, this would make your kitchen unique.


As we mentioned before, the materials used in the industrial style are very important. This is because they’re one of the main characteristics.

It’s important to change the things that are made out of plastic for other things such as metal, stainless steel, or glass.

To decorate your kitchen in an industrial style, it’s vital that you have some kind of structural material visible.

You can use vinyl tiles on the floor that look like concrete. You can put up wallpaper that looks like bricks. Wood can also be used in your industrial kitchen. But it needs to be rustic and used in combination with metal. For instance, a large wooden dining table with metallic detail is perfect.

If you want to make a major change along with these changes, we have a suggestion. You should separate your kitchen from the other areas using a glazed enclosure with metallic profiles.


Decorating your kitchen with an industrial style isn’t too complicated or difficult. As we mentioned in this article, you can make big or small changes. This all depends on your needs and budget

The best thing about the industrial style is that it lets you have a simple, practical, transparent kitchen with a lot of style and personality. You can use your imagination and creativity to combine different elements and materials. After all, this is one of its main characteristics.

Don’t forget that this style, while being industrial, fits just as well in a sophisticated, modern home as it does in a classic, rustic one.