How to Use the Color Red in the Kitchen

The color red is synonymous with strength, vividness and intensity. It doesn't necessarily have to be at odds with a peaceful home environment. Incorporate it in one of the rooms of your house such as the kitchen.
How to Use the Color Red in the Kitchen

Last update: 01 January, 2020

Intense colors don’t tend to be a feature of most homes. Why is that? One reason is that it can be somewhat obtrusive to the eyes. However, some rooms in the house are better suited to a more liberal way of decorating. Following, let’s see what happens if you use red in the kitchen.

Some areas of the house, such as the bedroom or the living room, don’t lend themselves to using the color red. These areas are more for relaxation than activity. But here we’re talking about a warm color that denotes strength.

Of course, if you choose to use red in your kitchen decor, it doesn’t mean you have to cover every surface with the color. It does, however, imply creating a balanced color combination.

The furnishings, or the walls themselves, can be the bearers of this interesting tone. At any rate, you should aim for a balanced and harmonious result, since if you use this color in excess it could be somewhat overwhelming. You don’t want the effect to be oppressive.

Contrasts are the key

A contrast between scarlet drawers and gray tiled walls

How can you use red to give your kitchen an energetic yet original touch? All will depend on the contrast you create in the room. You need another more subtle color to balance the vibrancy. In other words, red can’t dominate the room. It can, however, be the main feature and add that contemporary feel.

One of the best colors to combine with red is white. These are opposite tones, but as with many things in life, opposites attract. In the background, these two colors create an interesting theme.

Other options you have for balancing colors, such as black or gray tones, can also be invaluable for achieving that contrast. The difference with these is that they provide a less prominent contrast and give a more neutral feel to the room.

White will also help to emphasize the red more.

The color red shows passion, vitality, strength and consistency.

How could you use red in the kitchen?

Red cupboards with white bench tops

When it comes to using red in the kitchen, you might have doubts about where to use it. Red on the walls won’t be the same as red furniture, or even red kitchen appliances. Each of these will produce a completely different effect.

  • If you utilize the color red on the furniture, don’t use it on the walls as well. The floor level kitchen cupboards can be done out in red, as well as the higher cupboards. A gray benchtop would suit well here, with everything else in the kitchen being either black or white.
  • What if you want red walls? In that case, you can play around with the furnishings a little more. This is a less common use of the color red. Just make sure to remember that whenever you use white, the room will be lighter and brighter, allowing the red to be more of a feature.
  • There’s a third option you have, and that is to use red kitchen appliances, such as the fridge, microwave, oven, etc. This is something quite uncommon and will make your kitchen truly unique. Make sure that you add a liberal amount of neutral contrast color, otherwise, the appliances won’t stand out.

So those are the possibilities you have at your disposal. Choose the option that will suit your kitchen, but remember that overdoing it with this color won’t serve you at all. It’s necessary to make the decor simpler so that the effect is invigorating, not overwhelming.

What about the floors?

Cupboards with contrasting floors

OK, so you have the idea for a room where red is the feature, and you’re going to use white or gray to provide a contrast. You have the following options to choose the best floor covering:

  • Tiles have always been the ideal floor covering for a kitchen, as much for their easy cleaning as well as for the many decorative possibilities they open up. You could choose tiles with a solid color (black or white) or could create a checkered pattern.
  • On the other hand, timber floors could be another option. These are warmer to the touch and can also be easy to clean. However, they tend to get damaged quicker in a room like a kitchen. The contrast between red decor and brown timber can be interesting, but it does generate a certain amount of visual tension. It would be a better option to choose very dark timber.

Red and green in the kitchen

A red and green kitchen

Green is a color that can go very well with red, depending on how you use it. But how can you combine them in the kitchen?

You don’t just want to splash green on the walls or the furniture to get that contrast. It should appear sparingly, together with the use of neutral tones.

Plants are an excellent resource to achieve a vibrant aspect to the room, and to give a subtle yet classy touch. You could use a pot plant in a corner for instance. It will create a fresh, natural feel in your kitchen.

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