8 Inspirational Ideas to Decorate your Kitchen with Plants

Plants always go well in any room of the house, and the kitchen is no exception. Pay attention to these suggestions to be able to use them in your kitchen decor!
8 Inspirational Ideas to Decorate your Kitchen with Plants

Last update: 06 June, 2023

Who says you can only have pot plants outside in the garden? In any room of the home, they contribute beauty, a lovely smell, and that natural touch that you often need if you live in the city. In the following article, we’ll show you some ideas to inspire you so you can decorate your kitchen with plants.

It’s an interesting option regardless of whether you have a massive kitchen or just a small one. Don’t miss out!

Ideas to decorate your kitchen with plants

This is commonly one of the rooms of the house where you spend the most time. This is especially the case if you have the dining table there and the family meets together for dinner.

If your kitchen is somewhat small, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about its decor or its design. You want it to be a pleasant, friendly room where you enjoy spending time. Take a look at these ideas to decorate your kitchen with plants.

1. Spice wall

Do you like to cook and use a lot of natural herbs and spices? How about this idea… put pot plants of spices in the kitchen! If you don’t have much space, don’t worry. You could hang pot plants of herbs and spices on a wall. When you need a particular leaf or herb, you’ll just have to walk a few steps and grab what you want to use. You can’t get any fresher than that.

2. A window box for plants

Do you want to give a natural flavor to your kitchen, and include nature as part of your decor? One good idea you could try is to put together a big window box and plant various indoor hanging plants, such as ivy or ferns. If you like, you could hang a creeper that could grow over the kitchen cupboards or the fridge.

3. A kitchen garden in pots

If you liked the idea of having a kitchen with herbs and spices… imagine what it would be like to have a kitchen garden! It doesn’t have to be huge, you could try having just a few pots and plants. You could plant all kinds of lettuce, chard or spinach and even tomatoes.

Learn about the concept of hydroponics so you don’t have to use soil in your pots. This system is based on using water for growing plants. It’s very interesting!

4. A cactus corner

Cacti are currently in vogue. If you think they are just for outside in the garden or to keep on an office desk, think again. You could also have some in the kitchen. Just make sure you take care when handling them so as not to touch their spines.

You could create a cactus corner to decorate your kitchen with plants.

If you choose to go with cacti, you won’t need to worry much about caring for them since they really don’t need much water. Just make sure you put them in a place that gets sunlight every day.

5. Pictures of plants

To decorate your kitchen with plants, you don’t necessarily have to have live plants. You might like to have flowers but your home might not have enough natural light for them to survive.

Don’t worry, you could choose to include artificial flowers, or hang pictures of flowers, such as pretty daisies, sunflowers, lavender or roses. Choose plants with colors that will combine with the rest of your kitchen. It will add a beautiful natural touch to your kitchen without the worry of looking after real plants.

6. Recycled pots

Any container can become the new home of a plant, no matter its size. In the kitchen, you could use yogurt or ice cream containers, jam jars and even old saucepans that you don’t use anymore.

Aluminum pots are very much in fashion. They are perfect for adding to an antique or vintage decor. You could also use plastic containers or wooden pallets and mount your own vertical garden. Everything goes!

7. On the window sill

This part of the window is often not used to its full potential. It’s an excellent place to keep your pot plants and flowers since it has natural light. Decorating your window sill with plants will give more life to your kitchen. Therefore, the window sill won’t be a boring and empty part of your kitchen any longer!

You could decorate your kitchen with plants by keeping various pot plants on your window sill.

8. Flowers on the dining table

If you have a dining table or even a breakfast bar in your kitchen, take advantage of it to display some beautiful perennials or other flowers. Try to find plants that will go with the rest of the decor or even with flowers that will provide a contrast color to the room’s theme.

Are you motivated to decorate your kitchen with plants? If you do, you will be creating a unique style for your home, similar to what you can see in interior decor magazines or in mansions of celebrities. And the best part is that you don’t need to spend much money to have beautiful pot plants and flowers all year round.


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