Colors That Help to Sell Your Home

Among the colors that help to sell a home faster are white, sand tones, and some grays. We'll explain what their function is and how to combine them.
Colors That Help to Sell Your Home

Last update: 01 September, 2021

It’s amazing, but colors play a role in so many ways, even if you’re looking to sell your home. Therefore, if this is your goal, we’ll tell you about the colors that’ll help you achieve it.

Improving the appearance of your home with the goal of selling it faster is based on home staging‘. It’s on this principle that the colors you use to aid a quick sale are based.

Colors that help to sell your home

If you want to sell your home quickly (maybe because you need to go on a trip or want to buy a new property), you should put a plan in place. This should lead potential buyers to want to make the purchase, without considering other options.

In this plan, you should include the use of colors that’ll help you with your objective. It’s precisely the use of colors that we’ll talk about in this article.

Colors according to the buyers’ profile

Gray and white living room.

The first thing you should do is establish what the buyer’s profile is for your home. This means you can choose colors that are consistent with their possible tastes and age. For example, if you want to sell your home to young or study-age couples, it’ll be wise to use white as a base.

It’s always an option to contrast white with intense colors such as oranges, yellows, and greens, so you can use white on the walls and bright colors on cushions, rugs, or in a painting. Even use one wall as a feature and paint it in strong colors.

If, on the other hand, the ideal buyers are older people, the best colors to sell homes faster are neutrals: beige, or pastel tones, especially warm blues.

Colors to impersonalize the space

Another of the bases of home staging is the adaptation of the home in such a way that it feels impersonal. This, because it’s about acquiring a new home, not the lifestyles of previous owners. Therefore, it’s convenient to bet on colors that give a feeling of a blank canvas.

This will make it easier for buyers to imagine colors of their choice, types of furniture and decorative styles, among other aspects. The color that best allows this feeling is white, which also makes the house look clean and bright–factors that undoubtedly make selling your home much faster and easier.

Although if you consider that solid and complete white is extreme, you can bet on those colors that represent the tastes of the majority. This is the case for using blues in the bathroom and soft grays or cream colors in the bedrooms and living rooms that fulfill a very similar function to white.

For many people these colors are usually bland, but when it comes to looking for the right ones to sell a home, they’re the ones to choose. Remember, it’s not about selling personal taste!

Colors to enhance your lighting

Decoration errors of small spaces

One of the key aspects for most people looking for a new home relates to lighting, be it natural or artificial. Therefore, it’s a good idea to bet on those colors that enhance natural light.

Among them is white, which reflects a large percentage of light and allows decorative pieces to stand out. This is something that’ll be attractive to potential buyers.

Gray is another of the colors that’ll serve you well because it’s elegant and goes well with both classic and modern styles. In fact, it also harmonizes well with white. Colors such as sand and aqua green are other more vivid options, with similar lighting results.

Using these colors will make it easier to sell your home

You already know the colors that’ll help you to sell your home, so make sure you include a coat of paint in your home staging. Make what was once your home, the ideal space in which someone else will build their own memories.

In addition to the colors, it’s also useful to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and answer the question: what do I want in a home?

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