Multicolored Rugs To Brighten Up Your Home

Rugs are ornamental items that work very well to create ambiance and decoration. There are a wide variety on the market - multicolored rugs can be a great option.
Multicolored Rugs To Brighten Up Your Home

Last update: 02 April, 2021

The use of different decorative items helps make interior environments more dynamic. The idea is to create an aesthetic discourse that provokes interest. So let’s see how multicolored rugs can brighten up any home.

To decorate rooms we usually resort to a variety of colors as a means to enhance the aesthetics of the whole. In this way, we not only decorate but also create an atmosphere of positivity.

Normally, decorative elements on the floor are secondary. They’re never going to play a prominent role, since they’re not at eye level. Nevertheless, they still have a lot to contribute.

What kinds of multicolored rugs are there?

A gray living room with a purple rug.

When talking about multicolored rugs, a wide variety of types come to mind, from those with defined patterns with specific themes to those composed of geometric shapes and ordered patterns.

Of course, these designs are the product of a creative mind. However, the choice you make must be governed, fundamentally, by how the colors will combine with the other decorative elements in the room.

If you look closely, you’ll see that these rugs are characterized by an explosion of colors that transmit sensations to anyone who looks at them. Basically, these types of rug are a way of adding attractiveness to something that generally goes unnoticed because of its plain tones.

Multicolored decoration influences emotions and transmits energy

Multicolored rugs – types and shapes

If you want to understand what types of rugs exist and the different designs that can be found on the market, it’s worth pointing out that everything will depend on where you want to shop and the options they offer, as there’s a wide variety. Let’s look at some examples:

  • A very interesting type that’s often used in children’s rooms are rugs with grid prints. They have a color contrast between each square.
  • Another common example are rugs with linear designs, where straight or curved stripes are arranged in parallel, so that the image you perceive – vertical or horizontal stripes – depends on your position.
  • Boho hippie rugs are interesting because of their circular and natural prints. They’re reminiscent of mandalas and dream catchers. Their designs are dynamic but with subtlety and the image they project is somewhat bohemian.
  • Rag rugs are common in homes. They also make use of interesting designs or geometrical patterns, usually having a relaxed, natural look. They help create an enriched and alternative ambience.
  • When summing up the different types of rugs available, we can’t forget about faded rugs. These use shades arranged in a more informal and random way, even making use of gradients to create the aesthetic effect of being slightly worn.
A faded multicolored rug.

Jute rugs – a real novelty

Generally, you’ll see this type of rug in only one color – ochre. However, they can also be found in a variety of other shades that go perfectly with the jute itself.

They’re available in circular and rectangular shapes. All have a natural, alternative feel. They sacrifice elegance but offer colorfulness. In addition, they fit very well in bohemian style homes and country houses.

A type of rug that rejuvenates rooms

Long hall rugs

This type of rug is increasingly present in homes. It covers a considerable portion of long halls and, on top of this, it’s a good way to cover the floor itself which, as a general rule, is usually left uncovered.

You can find hall rugs in any of the different styles and designs that we’ve mentioned so far. However, Damascus rugs are probably the most common. Just be aware that you have the option of another very different image if you choose a more modern style.

Finally, it’s important to note that before choosing a rug, you have to take the surrounding decoration into account. This is the only way to achieve a suitable combination, with a harmonious and pleasant contrast. Make sure you look for the options that best suit your needs.

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