Contemporary Classic Style - How to Copy the Trend

Classic environments are timeless and can work in modern spaces. Consider the contemporary classic style to achieve a certain air of elegance in your home.
Contemporary Classic Style - How to Copy the Trend

Last update: 07 March, 2021

The contemporary classic style conveys tradition. It also represents harmony and perfectly combines the past and the present.

Classic decor has survived its time and sits perfectly alongside the contemporary style.

Cozy spaces

Classic interiors aren’t governed by trends and they’ll be around for years to come. The key to reflecting this style in your home is achieving a timeless and modern atmosphere.

The secret is to mix vintage pieces with modern elements. Modern technological gadgets should be kept to a minimum. For example, keep a TV in a cabinet or a computer behind a screen.

Contemporary classic style, detail by detail

Pay attention to detail when achieving the contemporary classic style in your home.

All the elements of the classic decorative style are finely crafted with quality materials such as luxury fabrics, handmade rugs, and fine wood.

This style keeps to similar color tones and avoids color clashes. Save the most striking touches for small decorative elements.

Light colors, including the entire spectrum of pastels, are popular. Combine them with strong colors, such as maroon, green, dark red, and brown.

Incorporate cheerful patterns, for example, cretonne gives the room a majestic look. Other options to choose from are jacquard, chenille, velvet, and linen.

The best type of furniture

Furniture is the deciding factor in the configuration of a classic interior. The following list defines the main characteristics to seek out when choosing furniture:

  • The quality of the wood, finishes, and details: features include die cut-or sculpted legs, carved surfaces, and inlaid marquetry.
  • Traditional: true classics such as Chesterfield sofas or winged chairs. Update them with upholstery in more modern colors.
  • Auxiliary furniture is constructed with wood and ceramics, along with other materials such as wrought iron, porcelain, and glass. Include furniture with decorative functions, such as sideboards, display cabinets, and dressers.
  • Modern furniture is naturally combined with authentic pieces or reproductions of a particular time period, giving the environment elegance.

Premium materials for the contemporary classic style

Marble is one of the main materials used in classic environments.

Wood is the main material used in classic spaces, specifically walnut, mahogany, cherry, and oak. They frequently have wax finishes.

Marble is another favorite material since it permeates an air of luxury and refinement. It covers the floors of any room and the walls of the bathroom.

When it comes to recreating this style, leather is a key element. It upholsters sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables. You can also use it to cover the walls or for upholstery for the headboard of a bed.

The most delicate accessories

Porcelain vases give your home an air of elegance.

Details and accessories play a leading role in this look. To create a refined space use decorative elements that are delicate and elegant.

Art objects such as symbolic sculptures and paintings are very common. You can place them in any corner of your home to achieve great results.

Place mirrors, chandeliers, and decorative lamps harmoniously to create balance.

Fine porcelain pieces are also typical, preferably authentic works, such as the exquisite vases of the classical Chinese dynasties.

Decorate with rugs

Decorate your home with Persian rugs for the contemporary classic style.

Using rugs with the contemporary classic style is essential. We recommend wool and silk rug which will add a touch of sophistication.

Oriental rugs are a perfect choice because of their beauty and perfect finish. Persian, Turkish, and Indian rugs are common and will make a statement.

If you like the contemporary classic style, why not try out these tips in your home? The combination of both styles can look stunning and give your home character.