Balinese Decor: How to Decorate Your Home Using this Style

Find out what Balinese decor is and how you can implement it in your home. The use of light colors, wood, and textiles is essential.
Balinese Decor: How to Decorate Your Home Using this Style

Last update: 31 August, 2021

If it’s a question of briefly defining what Balinese decor is, it’s a way to create our own slice of Bali at home. This is one of the Indonesian islands that’s most desired by tourists. It’s characterized by being a dream place, thanks to its enchanting style, art and culture.

In fact, it’s a place that’s very popular thanks to the movies that have been recorded there, including the popular, ‘Eat Pray Love‘, starring Julia Roberts. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what we’re talking about. If not, don’t worry, you’ll still love this decorative style.

What is Balinese decor?

Place potted plants or baskets.

The Balinese decorative style is clearly recognizable. Although it’s distinguished by the simplicity of the surrounding spaces, there’s room for a wide range of decorative objects that include furniture, exotic ceramic crafts, carvings, wooden sculptures, and baskets, among others.

In addition, this is a style that incorporates the outdoors into all interior spaces. Taking into account that it’s inspired by the island environment, medium-sized plants such as palms stand out. This provides a nice feel that goes well with the items we mentioned earlier.

However, Balinese beds are characterized by being low, made of wood, and with side curtains, (both for interiors and exteriors). You’ll find that it’s common to decorate these beds with cushions and blankets, highlighting white, beige , and coffee colors among the chromatic range.

How to decorate your home in Balinese style

If you like Balinese decoration and want to implement it in your home, we’ll tell you how to achieve it. Although it’s a style that works well in warm, outdoor places, it’s a valid option for interiors and city homes. In any case, keep in mind the following ideas that’ll make you feel as if you’re in Bali–without leaving home.

Bali is nature

There is more to the island of Bali than the beach–it has volcanic mountains and jungle. Therefore, it’s a good idea to start by introducing plants in pots or baskets, (preferably medium-sized). It’ll be the wide and leafy leaves that evoke and emulate this island.

This is the same reason why Balinese furniture is usually made of wood or bamboo, which contrast very well with green. You can also introduce fiber rugs and mats.

Balinese color range

White is an important color in the Balinese style.

The Balinese decorating style uses a somewhat limited, but beautiful color palette. Colors such as white or navy blue stand out on walls–all with the aim of achieving a spacious, bright and airy feel.

Coffee and beige in different ranges combine very well with these colors and are applied to most decorative objects: the bed, furniture, tables, chairs, and rugs, among others. For their part, curtains are usually white or beige, silk or linen.

Long live the light!

Natural lighting is important: it highlights the interior decor and, by bouncing off white walls, gives a feeling of spaciousness and warmth. Also, when we talk about light we mean different sources of light. These include decorative candles and hanging lamps made of rattan and natural fiber.

You don’t have to choose, you can combine these light sources as you wish in the same space–this is how this beautiful style works.

Decorating with wood and textiles

Decorate with wood carvings and textiles.

The Balinese people are very skilled at creating handicrafts, especially those carved out of wood. To complement the touches that have already been given, it’s convenient to add to your decoration with wooden sculptures, vases, and pictures.

Balinese textile patterns are widely recognized, not only for home use, but in clothing too. These are very common in cushions, tablecloths, sheets, and wall decorations. As with light sources, you can combine both materials in the same space.

Enjoy your Balinese decor

Balinese decor is enjoyable from all aspects. On an artistic level, your walls will look great with wooden pictures that often depict local deities, flowers, and animals. The same goes for the plants that play an important role and create a unique contrast to the range of colors that characterizes this style.

Besides enjoying it, take advantage of it! That’s right, take advantage of your illuminated and acclimated spaces to relax and meditate–just as they do in Bali.

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