Ideal Balinese Beds for your Terrace

How can you choose the perfect Balinese bed for your garden? Here's all you need to know.
Ideal Balinese Beds for your Terrace

Last update: 12 January, 2019

In summertime, the garden, terraces and balconies become the other big room of the house. People spend a lot of time there, whether to get some sun, eat or dine with friends and family. One piece of furniture that could be a great addition to your garden decor are Balinese beds. They couldn’t be more summery, and above all, comfortable.

This type of bed is ideal to relax in, rest and enjoy reading a book or watching a movie. Apart from the relaxation aspect, it adds an exotic and contemporary flavor to the garden. And the best thing is that you can adapt it to any kind of environment. You could install one on your terrace, in the attic or even on the beach.

If one thing’s certain, it’s that this type of bed couldn’t be more in fashion in outdoor decor. That’s why in today’s post you can read all about Balinese beds so that this summer you can have one for yourself.

Location and size: what’s the best option?

The first thing you should take into account is that when you buy one of these beds, you should make sure that you have enough space for it. It wouldn’t be any good if you jammed it into a cramped space since it would give the impression of the space being even smaller than it is. We recommend that you locate your Balinese bed beside the pool if you have one since the effect of the bed/water together would be great.

However, wherever you put it, make sure it’s in a relaxing place. It’s important that no matter where you put it, the bed shouldn’t be in direct sunlight since it could damage the bed. Although of course, this depends on the bed’s material.

garden in summertime

With regards to the size, you can find different options available. From individual beds, double beds and even larger such as group size beds. Depending on the area that you have available, you can choose the size you like.

Balinese beds are commonly seen in the chicest hotels and the most luxurious houses are group size beds. Their great width gives a capacity to hold various people at once, that can enjoy the bed while drinking cocktails and talking amongst friends. These beds are usually of a width of about 1.8 to 2 meters.

Of course, not everyone can have one of these beds. This could be due to their price, which is usually quite expensive, or the size. That’s why the most common Balinese bed size is the double bed. These are smaller than the previously mentioned bed and they are of a more reasonable size. You can use them as a bed to sleep in, to rest, talk or read.

The most common materials used in Balinese beds

Depending on the decor you have in your home, you can choose one type of material or another for your Balinese bed. However, the most common Balinese beds are made of either metal or timber.

Metal Balinese beds have a much more contemporary look, that would suit an industrial or modern style decor. The simplicity of the material would suit these decor styles very well, which are classed by a cooler, slimline feel.

Choose the size of Balinese beds that will fit comfortably in the space you have

On the other side of the coin, timber Balinese beds transmit the exact opposite. They add warmth for those more rustic and cozy styles. If you combine them with textiles and fabrics in lighter colors, you will be able to create the feel of a beach paradise.

However, depending on how you want your bed to be, you can find a plethora of beds in other materials such as wicker or bamboo. These will add a special touch to your exterior decor. If you combine them with curtains as well, and even with a mosquito net or airy transparent curtains to that effect, you will have the perfect place to enjoy a summer’s afternoon.

The perfect accessories for your bed

In large decor stores, you can find a massive range of the ideal complements for your Balinese bed. To give a relaxing touch to the area, you could add silk or cotton curtains in pale or white tones. It will add a touch of intimacy to avoid prying eyes.

Cushions are another one of those essential accessories for your bed. Combining different fabrics and textures will give more personality to your bed. But having said that, make sure there is harmony between the different items and colors.

Choose colors and textiles for your Balinese beds that will suit your home

It’s important that you buy fabrics that are specially designed for outdoor use and that will resist the elements. If not, they won’t last long and you’ll have to be continually changing them.

So, did you like the above options for Balinese beds? We love them! Motivate yourself this summer and add this great feature to the decor of your garden!