The Relaxing Style of the JOMO Philosophy

Using the JOMO philosophy to decorate your home will help you relax and forget about the world. That sure does sound great, doesn't it?
The Relaxing Style of the JOMO Philosophy

Last update: 13 April, 2020

Every day a new trend is born, a new word is created. Sometimes, we use this in our homes and create a place without rhyme or reason. If this is you, it’s a good moment to practice JOMO philosophy or the joy of missing out.

A few years back, you probably heard of FOMO, the fear of missing out. This was born of society’s fear of missing anything. It was about the need for broadcasting lives to the world.

Hanging out with friends, traveling or just doing chores became a trending hashtag or a good selfie. Years later, the world had enough of this exhibitionism and started to miss its privacy.

JOMO is about all that. It’s about finding pleasure in things other than the digital world and enjoying our lives more, without showcasing it to the world.

Simple elements for a JOMO philosophy.

A JOMO philosophy for your home

Your home should be a place free of social prejudices. This type of decoration helps you keep a balanced, quiet and cozy environment with everything you need to feel comfortable. The colors, textures, and lighting are specially crafted to make you feel at home. How can you do this?

Having time for yourself

To start, understand that the world won’t stop if you miss out on something. It doesn’t matter if you stop sharing your life online or if you don’t understand the latest meme. You don’t know what your family and friends are doing? That’s OK.

Try unplugging everything in your home. Stop reading your emails and texts and learn to spend time alone. Turn your bathroom into a spa, with scented candles, and have a hot bath to relax.

Another great idea is to meditate. There are many ways and techniques out there, try them out. Just listen to your thoughts and let your energy flow. The benefits of meditation on your brain are many, but there are many other benefits to your overall health.

Set up an area in your home to meditate – a small corner where you can be at peace with yourself to de-stress.

Art in an apartment is a good way to showcase JOMO philosophy.

JOMO philosophy is about a simple way of life

Bedrooms in pastel tones

To continue with the JOMO philosophy of life, avoid saturating your home. Forget about strong colors and artificial elements, such as plastic. Use wood and natural fibers to fill your spaces.

This will help you to create a more serene place that will help you relax naturally. Keep things organized. It’s impossible to feel calm when you’re surrounded by things to do.

Try to keep on top of things and finish everything you need to do. Also, get rid of the things you don’t need – sell them, donate them, recycle or throw them away.

Start imagining your new life.

Get creative

Now that you have an awesome space, and you’re relaxed and free of distractions, isn’t it a good time to do something inspiring?

Paint, listen to music, read, use this time to connect with yourself and find creativity in every aspect of your life.

JOMO philosophy is about embracing natural things, warm colors, order, good smells and forgetting everything that’s going on in the outside world. Live your life for yourself.