A Few Tips to Avoid Overcrowded Rooms

Keep the following tips in mind so you can avoid overcrowded rooms that'll turn your house into a storage space, rather than a comfortable home.
A Few Tips to Avoid Overcrowded Rooms

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Our home can become a storage space for the objects we acquire. The best way to avoid overcrowded rooms is by being selective about what you put in them.

It’s natural to want to decorate your home in the best possible way. Everything we see in the stores that seems beautiful and interesting we must have. The problems begin when we act impulsively, without planning what we need to purchase.

Decorating a home isn’t about filling every space with stuff. It isn’t about random purchases that don’t fit the style of the furniture and the overall decor. You’ve got to have a goal in mind and consider what you need to achieve it.

Overcrowded rooms – too much furniture, too little space

A sloppy living room.

Many people want to furnish a room as quickly as possible, but this is a real mistake. This is because they often end up with mismatched items that break the harmony of a room and consequently lead to tension.

You must carefully study and analyze each room in your home and figure out the type of furniture and accessories it needs for the purpose it’ll serve. In addition, you must try to establish a “dialogue” between every room.

It’s a lot better to have five well-arranged pieces of furniture than ten poorly distributed items that take up space. Have you ever had to pile up your chairs in a corner?  Do you have any shelves that are just sitting there?

– Look at your home and furnish it with objects that suit it.-

Overcrowded rooms – objects

A living room with bookshelves without decorating overload.

The accumulation of decorative elements arranged on shelves, tables, cabinets, etc is another big problem. Most are unnecessary. So, what should you do?

  • Firstly, don’t buy impulsively. This is because there’s nothing worse than bringing home objects you only bought because you fell in love with them in a shop.
  • Secondly, you may have accumulated all sorts of objects over the years such as vases, pots, figurines, paintings, sculptures, glasses, etc. Consider whether you need to keep them or not and don’t hesitate to discard those that you don’t like.
  • Thirdly, the more objects you accumulate the more dust and grime you’ll have to clean.
  • In addition, keep those objects that bring harmony to a room and discard the ones that are out of sync.

Open spaces are synonymous with environmental health

A minimalistic dining room.

There must be plenty of space to walk around your house. You’ll know you’re unnecessarily accumulating things when they hinder your movement.

  • You must leave the central spaces of your home free, so you can’t just place furniture anywhere. Obstacles make it hard to move around.
  • Try to place the furniture near the walls of a room. Reserve the central areas for specific items such as a dining table or a sofa.
  • Always make sure the space is open so the air can easily circulate. Don’t place decorative elements, lamps, chairs or tables in the middle of it all.
  • Make sure there’s harmony between the various elements you place in a room and try to create a cozy environment. Comfort should be your main objective.

Your house is not a storage room

One of many overcrowded rooms.

You’ve probably heard of the Diogenes syndrome. This disorder makes you accumulate a lot of garbage and all sorts of objects you don’t need. So, don’t bring things home unless you know exactly what you’re going to use them for.

Sometimes, our house becomes a storage room for all kinds of products, furniture, and decorative elements. So, get rid of stuff instead of compulsively store anything that’s damaged, or just obsolete.

It’s important that you organize your house so everything’s in order. Make sure everything you have has a function. Get rid of it if it doesn’t. As you can see, this is the best way to avoid having overcrowded rooms.

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