How to Make a Chill-Out Space in Your Home

Having a chill-out area is a dream for many people and today we're going to show you how easy it is to make one for yourself. Are you ready?
How to Make a Chill-Out Space in Your Home

Last update: 28 January, 2021

The good weather’s on its way. The sun’s starting to invite you outside to enjoy its light. It’s beckoning you to spend more of your days outside and let the breeze comfort you at night. And let’s not forget the plants and flowers around your house. Today we’re going to help you create a chill-out space in your home. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a huge porch or a mini-terrace. With the right materials, you can work wonders. Shall we get to it?

The keys to building a chill-out space

As we’ve said before, the deciding factor for your chill-out space is how well you can decorate it. If you want to create a space that’s full of harmony and encourages relaxation, you need to choose what elements you include carefully. Comfort is essential and you’ll be able to get more of it through the textures and the colors. The shapes of the furniture you sell are also going to be key for this purpose.

A chill out space with plants and seats.

The furniture

You’re going to need a comfortable sofa or armchair – preferably one long enough for you to lay on. Pallet couches with colorful cushions on them are perfect for this. And let’s not forget how little money you’ll need to get comfortable if you go this route.

You can also add some large floor cushions to have extra seats for your guests.

The main and side tables are also important to be able to serve cocktails and snacks. You can also use them to display vases with flowers or even small pots to breathe a little bit more life into the atmosphere.

Don’t forget the parasol, sunshade, or pergola. The one you choose depends on how much space you have as well as your particular situation. You need to be able to have a little bit of shade. That way you’ll be able to use the space all the time rather than just at night.

Storage space

Various cushions under a tarpaulin.

If you want to have the perfect chill-out space, include a piece of furniture with a storage compartment in it. You’ll be able to put your cushions in there on rainy days or just put them away when you’re not going to use them.

All the little details of your chill-out space

Various colorful cushions on a sofa.

Aside from the cushions for your sofa, other cushions are basic elements of a good chill out space. That’s because they make it into a welcoming area while adding a bit of color. Choose the colors you want to decorate with and put them center stage. You can do this with cushions. Feel free to mix shapes, patterns, and sizes, too.

Another critical point is the lighting. Lanterns, candles, and warm lights can all help you create the atmosphere you want. Gatherings with friends will be much more pleasant. Add citronella or lemon-scented candles. Keep some blankets around to wrap them around yourselves when the air gets a bit cooler. That way you’ll be able to keep looking at the stars and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere you’ve created.

Pure nature

Plants in a chill out space.

You can’t have a great chill-out space without plants and flowers. We’re going to tell you about some that are especially appropriate for these types of places.

  • Ficus – These are great for creating a different environment. They’re perennial and you can keep them in a pot so they don’t grow too big. A ficus is going to need light, but don’t let direct sunlight get to it because it could burn the plant’s leaves. The risk depends on how hot it is where you are. Check the earth around your ficus plants with your fingers to see how dry it is. Generally, the rule for watering is 2 or 3 times a week.
  • Lavender – This is a classic for open spaces. That’s because it’s got a relaxing aroma and they say it can even repel insects. It flowers in the summer and needs a lot of sun. You’re sure to be charmed by its scent.
  • Jasmine – This is a climbing plant and it flowers in the spring or summer. Its smell is enthralling. It’ll fill your whole house with its scent. When the flowers fall, the green climbing stalk will remain, which is perfect for embellishing lattices.
  • Cacti – One of the best plants in this category is the Euphorbia Ingens, which is a tall cactus that can also separate areas and give you more privacy. It needs very little water and a lot of direct sunlight. They’re tall and give your space a bohemian air.

Now put on your favorite music, draw up a menu fit for kings, and go out to your chill-out space. There you’ll now be able to enjoy the night, the stars, and some good company.