4 Ways to Personalize Your Sofa

If you're getting tired of your current sofa, you don't necessarily have to buy a new one to replace it. Take note of these suggestions on how you can personalize your sofa - a more economical option!
4 Ways to Personalize Your Sofa

Last update: 06 February, 2020

The sofa is one of the main pieces of furniture in the home. You will spend hours and hours on the sofa throughout your life. It’s used for rest, to grab forty winks, for eating or for spending time with the family enjoying a movie. If you want your sofa to proclaim your personality, read on to find 4 different ways to personalize your sofa.

You can adapt the following suggestions to any living room, not to mention to your pocket. Go with the idea that you think will suit the best, and then get together the necessary items to make it happen.

1. Cushions and blankets to personalize a sofa

Add some patterned cushions to your couch

If you’re thinking of how to personalize a sofa, the first thing that probably comes to mind is buying a few cushions. Of course, this is definitely an economical, comfortable and appealing way of personalizing your sofa.

Any good decor or homewares store will have a large range of cushions in different sizes, colors, and patterns.

If you can’t find any cushions that you like, you could always buy some fabric and make some yourself. It’s very simple, and you’ll only need minimal knowledge of sewing techniques. Here’s a tutorial if you want to try a DIY cushion project.

Here’s a top tip. Don’t buy all the same cushions; mix it up. This way it will look more appealing and attractive. For example, you could combine two different tones in several patterns.

Another important aspect that you should take into account is that the number of cushions should suit the size of sofa you have. Find a balance between looks and comfort. A sofa with mounds of cushions might look great, but it’ll be a drag to have to move them all each time you want to use the sofa.

On the other hand, there are blankets. They aren’t just practical, but also can contribute to the decor of your living room. You can find furry blankets, or of wool, other fabrics and in an infinite variety of designs.

Did you know you can even buy electric blankets for snuggling up on the couch? We’re sure you’ll find something that’s just right for you.

2. Sofa covers or new upholstery

An adjustable beige sofa cover

Sofa covers are a quick and inexpensive option for giving your sofa a new look. You can have several sofa covers handy in different colors and change them whenever you want to modify the appearance of your living room.

You’ll find different types of sofa covers. One good option is using adjustable covers, for instance. You can adapt these exactly to the shape of your sofa and they won’t move around.

Covers that are more like a blanket or sheet that go over the top of the sofa, on the other hand, tend to shift out of place easily and you have to be adjusting them constantly. However, a ny of these sofa covers are generally an economical option.

The option of upholstering your sofa is a little more expensive. It’s probably also only worth the trouble if you have a high quality sofa. Don’t consider this option if your sofa is falling to pieces. In that case it would be better to just start from scratch and buy a new sofa altogether.

3. Personalize your sofa- new sofa legs for a new look

Change the legs on your sofa to personalize it

One of the aspects that’s commonly overlooked when it’s time to personalize a sofa is its legs. The sofa legs can drastically renovate a sofa’s appearance and make it look completely different.

Did you know that with different models of sofa legs, you can even play around with the height of your sofa? You can make it sit higher or lower depending on the legs you buy. You’ll find a wide range from simple to more extravagant sofa legs in any good decor store.

What about installation of the legs? This is quite simple and shouldn’t give you any headaches. Just remember that the height of the legs should be comfortable; you should calculate the height you need so that your feet will still be on the floor when you’re sitting on the sofa.

4. Buy a made to order sofa

A made to order pink velvet couch

If you want a totally unique sofa, here’s an option – some businesses actually make sofas to order. You can choose the dimensions, the fabric, the shape and really all of the aspects of the sofa, no matter how small or insignificant they might seem. The result is a unique item of furniture that will become the focus of the room.

Of course, this is quite an expensive option, as you might imagine of something that’s made to order. But anyway, it’s something to think about if you have specific needs in terms of space for the sofa, or want a unique design.

The quality of custom made sofas is naturally high as well, which means your sofa will last for many years without the need to replace or repair it.

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