Silver, Cotton, Or Paper Wedding Anniversaries - Tips for Each

Do you know the meaning of each wedding anniversary? What about the materials that go with them and their interpretation?
Silver, Cotton, Or Paper Wedding Anniversaries - Tips for Each

Last update: 30 June, 2020

Are you near your silver anniversary? Although maybe you haven’t been married that long, each anniversary has meanings and symbols. When it comes to celebrating wedding anniversaries, there are plenty of different ideas! These ideas can help you prepare for a party or get the perfect gift.

We’re going to look at the most frequently celebrated wedding anniversaries, what they represent, and the materials that can help you create the perfect gift or theme for an anniversary party.

At the time of the Roman Empire, people only celebrated and considered significant two anniversaries. One was silver for 25 years and the other was gold to celebrate 50 years of marriage. Today, we celebrate many other wedding anniversaries.

Only couples that have been through many anniversaries know the difficulties and challenges that they face on a daily basis. Any anniversary is a cause for celebration. We won’t discuss every single anniversary, but we’ll take a look and give you tips for the most significant ones.

The first wedding anniversary

Different wedding anniversaries have different symbols.

The first wedding anniversary is paper. This element represents the blank pages of a story yet to be written. Paper also a material that rips or tears easily. This demonstrates that your relationship hasn’t stood the test of time yet. Characteristic gifts are books, theater tickets, or a journal or agenda.

The second year of marriage is the cotton anniversary. This material represents the strength of interwoven threads, as well as flexibility. There are many good party or gift ideas made from cotton textiles, such as bedding or custom cushion covers.

The third wedding anniversary is the leather anniversary. This is a material that our ancestors used as clothing to keep them safe against inclement weather. It generally represents the security that marriage and a home give couples. Gifts for the third year of marriage are usually wallets or leather handbags.

Next, there is the four-year anniversary of fruits and flowers. This commemorates the point when a marriage begins to flourish and bear fruit. As a result, flowers and fruits are ornamental motifs that are perfect for any celebration. However, they also are a great option for gifts, such as a fruit basket or a bouquet of flowers.

Then, there is the fifth year anniversary. The associated material for this anniversary is wood because of the connection with tree roots that create and give strength to the relationship. As a result, you can decorate a party with wood and even give away collectible pieces carved in wood that will last a lifetime.

Tenth, Twentieth, and Silver Wedding Anniversaries

A tea set and a flower in a vase on a table.

There is symbolism for every wedding anniversary, but we’re going to stick to the most significant ones. The element for the tenth anniversary is tin or aluminum. This conveys a long-lasting relationship, as well as toughness from the challenges the couple has overcome. You can take this material into consideration when decorating for a party or choosing gifts.

Then, the twentieth wedding anniversary is porcelain. This is a precious, fragile material that deserves a lot of care. Therefore, the delicate material reminds us of the fragility of being in love. So this is the time to get new porcelain tableware, for example.

The silver anniversary celebrates 25 years of marriage. This is a very special moment in a marriage that people usually choose to celebrate in style. Silver is shiny and precious, just like a marriage at this point. Of course, you should include silver in any decorative theme and in the gifts.

Beyond the silver anniversary

The thirtieth anniversary corresponds with pearls. This is a material that grows in value over time. Then, the fortieth anniversary is related to ruby. This is one of the most coveted gems in the world and represents love and passion.

After the fortieth anniversary, there are a series of gemstone anniversaries. For example, at 45, the material is sapphire. This is an almost indestructible gemstone that evokes wisdom and deep peace.

Gold is for 50 years of marriage and is obviously celebrated with lots of gold elements. Then, the 55th wedding anniversary is emerald and the 60th is diamond. Diamonds are for an anniversary that few people reach and are the most indestructible gemstone of all. However, without a doubt, you should celebrate each wedding anniversary!