How to Host the Perfect Summer Party

How about hosting a party to celebrate the new season? Here are a few ideas to help you throw the perfect summer party.
How to Host the Perfect Summer Party

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Out of all the great things summer brings, outdoor parties are the best. If you have a little balcony or a big terrace, learn how to make the best out of this season. A summer party is the same as any event – it demands organization, a lot of imagination, and a few tips.

Make the best use of those warm summer nights, the longest days of the year, and good weather. Hosting the perfect summer party at home will be easy.

In this article, you’ll find a few tips to help you set up a party under the stars on those wonderful summer nights.

Guests at a summer party.

The guest list for a perfect summer party

Start organizing your party early on and not leave things to chance. First, write down a guest list.

To do this, understand how much space you’ve got. You don’t want to invite too few people, but you don’t want to overcrowd the available space.

Create an event on Facebook where your guests can confirm their attendance. For a select few, create cute personalized invitations.

You can order them, but this is the type of event you can showcase your DIY abilities. Use your imagination and skills. Use handwritten cards and decorate them with glitter, feathers, anything you’d like.

Summer party food buffet.

Plan according to the available space

Now it’s time to think about the decoration and the type of food and beverages you’ll be serving. For the perfect summer party, keep it simple – serve a buffet.
Don’t leave food until the last minute. Organize a menu you can prepare ahead of time and that people can eat while standing. Set several tables around the room and place a few chairs or cushions too. 
Keep a table set for beverages, ice and glasses, and another table for the desserts. Cover them with long tablecloths and use several trays for each table.

Pick a theme for your perfect summer party

If you’re celebrating summer, find themes that go with it. The summer solstice is part of a Pagan celebration called Litha, which means fire.
It celebrates the sun, life, and plenty. Find themes that remind people of the sun, fire, and the miracle of life. Sunflowers are perfect decor for any summer party.
Choose a color palette. The colors of the sun are yellow, red, and orange. Add these colors to recreate the fire element, or use water candles which are safer than other options.
Another great theme for your summer party is the sea. Nautical or navy party themes are great for these kinds of parties. Use blue, white, red, and lots of stripes. Whatever theme you choose, use it to decorate too. Use balloons, candles, and wreaths. Don’t forget the flowers, too. Floral arrangements will give your party a chic look. If you can’t get natural flowers, do it yourself and make flowers out of paper or fabric.

The perfect lighting for a summer party

Summer parties are best at night, so add a little lighting. Use LED wreaths or lanterns. Both give out a festive vibe and create an appealing ambient light.

Light up the path from table to table, the staircase, or the window sills. Choose different colored candles for your summer party and add a floral touch.