Showers for Your Garden

Garden showers don't always accompany a swimming pool. In many cases, it's added for comfort and convenience.
Showers for Your Garden

Last update: 18 March, 2022

Showers for your garden offer comfort and refresh you when it’s hot. It should be noted that they don’t always imply that you have, or accompany the presence of a swimming pool. Showers project water from a pipe, mainly in two ways: jet or rain. The second is usually preferred, since it feels more pleasant.

Some people decide to install garden showers for comfort, which provides the feeling of having your own private spa. In this sense, the options you can choose from are varied, as you’ll see below.

Showers for your garden: location and maintenance

Don’t forget that garden showers tend to accumulate humidity around them. For this reason, many people choose to install garden showers away from the house. This helps to avoid deterioration due to humidity, leaks, and related problems.

Equally, some people decide to incorporate them into an external wall of the house. In these cases, the installation implies the introduction of certain strategic elements, in addition to a good drainage system. Its maintenance shouldn’t be neglected, for obvious reasons.

Showers for your garden: in full sight

New showers for the garden.

When garden showers are visible, two types of structure are usually seen:

  • Exposed: these types of garden showers don’t have walls and neither do they have a ceiling.
  • Half covered: here, you can see the shower head, faucets, and handheld shower attachments (if any). They usually have a wall as a support point that also serves as decoration. A roof is also optional.

From an aesthetic point of view, half-covered installations usually offer more possibilities when it comes to making the environment more interesting. This is due to the fact that the material and design of the wall, as well as the base, can contain some striking details.

In this sense, one of the first aspects to take into account is whether or not you want the shower to have exposed piping. When the style of the house is rustic, there’s no problem in leaving the pipework exposed. This is because functionality goes before aesthetics.

However, this doesn’t mean that both concepts are at odds. For this reason, you can find a wide variety of designs that integrate a simple, functional, and attractive appearance.

Concealed garden showers

New showers for the garden.

When garden showers are hidden, the following types of structure can be seen:

  • Between plants. In this instance, garden showers are completely hidden among the foliage. Moreover, natural materials (such as stone and wood) are used in their installation so that the whole is as ‘natural’ as possible.
  • Cabin shower. The shower constitutes a private environment: with ceiling, walls and access door. It should be noted that it can include a bathtub or a mini jacuzzi.
  • Semi-hidden. To give a certain sense of privacy, a screen or other similar objects are placed around the shower to protect or hide it. They can also be arranged within a wall built in a semicircle.

Garden showers of this style are usually located in strategic corners to avoid the prying eyes of neighbors or any other distraction that may prevent the enjoyment of privacy.

To maximize the fact that they’re hidden from view, this type of structure includes a greater number of plants as decorative elements. Especially those of the leafy type. Palms, ferns, shrubs and bamboo are some of the most commonly used plants.

The exotic species of the tropics are usually the most used, since, by nature, they manage to create a sheltered environment, with enough shade to hide elements such as a garden shower.

In conclusion

Although it’s not always necessary to include a lighting system, in some cases, you can take the opportunity to do so to create an environment of greater relaxation and comfort. Especially when you want to create a spa at home.

When adapting your available space and its particularities, include a combination of the types of showers that we’ve mentioned above. What’s essential is that the installation is carried out by a plumber, in order to avoid any problems or inconveniences.

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