Decorative Accessories for Your Bathtub

When taking a bath, it's not the same to do so in a plain bathtub that has zero decor than to do so in one with decorative accessories that make you comfortable and help you disconnect and relax.
Decorative Accessories for Your Bathtub

Last update: 11 December, 2019

Who doesn’t feel tension and fatigue every day? So it’s important to disconnect and relax as soon as we get home.

Taking a nice bath at the end of the day provides you with all of the peace and wellbeing your body needs. But, the beauty of a bathroom must match the moment, and this is why you should properly decorate your bathtub.

This room must be an intimate, private and personal place. You can decorate it differently from the rest of your home but in harmony with the rest of the bathroom.

Decorative accessories to spruce up your bathtub

A pop style bathroom.

So, why decorate the bathtub? Because this object is a functional item that fulfills a fundamental task when it comes to personal hygiene.

Having a nice, harmonious bathroom is essential. You should forget about the old misconception that this room must be plain, modest, and nearly empty. Why not turn it into a room where you like to spend time?

When we take a hot bath we give ourselves time for peaceful pleasure. The bathroom becomes a place of relaxation where decoration plays an important role because it creates a relaxing mood.

– A decorative set must always be harmonious.-

1. Bath trays

A bathtub tray.

Small trays are practical decorative accessories for your bathtub and you can use them every time you take a bath. The best part is, they can hold more than your soap and they can also serve many other functions.

  • Place this kind of tray across the bathtub and make sure it’s stable, safe and practical.
  • This accessory is usually long and narrow. You must attach it to the bathtub on both sides and be able to move it forward or backward. It’ll allow you to easily maneuver it so it remains easy to reach.
  • Also, you can use it to store your soaps, sponges, etc. In fact, you can also use it for other decorative accessories such as candles, a small plant, a glass of wine, etc.
  • These trays are usually made of wood. We recommend this because it’ll go well with most styles. Also, wood creates a relaxed atmosphere with a touch of Zen.

– Remember that accessories have a dual purpose – decoration and functionality-

2. Vinyl decals for your bathtub

A sink with decorative accessories.

This accessory may be the most unusual for a home, but it has many decor possibilities. They may be hard to find though, but keep in mind that you can find all kinds of things online these days.

  • You can place vinyl decals on the outer surfaces of your bathtub as they stick well to ceramic and won’t peel off. In fact, they’re made of special material that allows them to fully adhere to most surfaces without tearing.
  • Their themes vary from children’s pictures displaying marine animals, cartoon characters, and submarines to more “adult” illustrations such as stars, vegetables, geometrical shapes, etc.
  • In addition, you can find vinyl decals in the form of motivational phrases. What is the purpose of a motivational phrase, you ask? The answer is you look at it and read it every time you take a bath. It’ll be a direct message to your mind, and will motivate you every day.

3. Decorative accessories – thematic screens

A bathroom in neutral colors.

Screens don’t necessarily need to have a shower behind them and you can also install them around your bathtub. They’re handy because they can prevent the flow of water onto the bathroom floor and so they replace annoying shower curtains.

  • These are usually made of clear tempered glass. In addition, they’re easy to clean.
  • You can slide them to ease your access to the bathtub. As you can see, they’re very functional.
  • You can add vinyl decals and other prints with motifs that’ll add a theme to any surface you choose when it comes to exterior surfaces. This way you can have a theme and also add color at the same time. For example, you can select vegetables, famous silhouettes, quotes, popular photographs, etc.

In short, the decoration of a bathtub should be a means to express yourself. Either one of these three decorative accessories is optimal for any bathroom style and you can even mix and match them.

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