Original Interiors That Break With Convention

If you want an original and innovative home, you need to find interesting ways to decorate that break with tradition.
Original Interiors That Break With Convention

Last update: 15 January, 2021

The idea of innovating in home decoration is interesting. Not following conservative patterns makes us feel different. With this in mind, we’re going to show you some formulas to help you create original interiors that break with convention.

To get started, ask yourself the following question: do you really know what’s needed to steer clear of the most common ideas? Instead of repeating the methods that are most typical in our society, you need to look for more intriguing alternatives.

It has happened to all of us; when you enter a house you’re struck by the way it’s painted, the furniture, the layout, etc. Basically, these are factors that can be coordinated with each other and create a distinctive atmosphere.

Main goal – to reflect your personality

The right artwork creates coherence.

A house should be a faithful reflection of the personality of the owner. It doesn’t make sense to live in a home that doesn’t fit with your way of living or that doesn’t show off your own particular tastes. In fact, this can even make you feel uncomfortable.

If you really like a particular style, you should incorporate it into every space. Originality doesn’t come from each room having a different design, but in sticking with common themes that unify around an overall concept.

The simple fact that you like the decorative style of your home will build serenity, comfort, and tranquility. Keeping this in mind, it’s possible to apply a specific style in a sustainable way by making use of elements that you like.

Your home should be an extension of your personality.

Designing an original living room

keys minimalism furniture

You can create original interiors by making use of novel elements so everything ties together in an appealing and blended manner, without generating tension and with an aesthetic unity. As an illustration, here are a few tips:

  • You should be faithful to your style; however, you still have the freedom to mold it according to your desires. It’s not a question of creating strange looks, but you can incorporate decorations that break with the traditional stereotypes.
  • For example, if warm, white, and neutral tones are normally used in the living room, why not break with this approach and have greens, intense blues, or other color combinations that go together nicely?
  • Furniture is where you can express yourself most. Nowadays there are all kinds of designs of chairs and tables with contemporary lines that are not common in homes. In fact, you can even find some that are made by artists, such as the Tulip, the Taliesin, or the Zig Zag.
  • Prints are gaining more and more popularity too. In fact, they offer a unique aesthetic contribution, either through their contents or their colors. They can be found on armchairs, sofas, carpets, etc.
  • As for plants, they can also be used to achieve this. The incorporation of exotic species is another great way of decorating.

Craftsmanship and originality

Another option is that you become an artisan and create your own decorative elements. In doing this, your imagination plays a very important role. You can use clay, ceramics, or other materials.

Creativity is a concept that most people have. Instead of buying a vase or a bowl in a store, why not make one yourself? If you have access to the materials and the tools, it’s an opportunity to discover another way of decorating.

No more dependence on the trends that society wants to impose on you. Now might be the time to innovate and incorporate other elements into your rooms that are not so common, such as painting radiators or making shades for lamps.

Be prepared to break with convention

One mistake that people often make is to simply repeat or copy existing ideas. Interior design magazines should be a source of inspiration, but if you really want to create original interiors, you have to develop other aesthetic processes.

The placement of pictures in the bathroom, the use of radiant tones in the kitchen, long pile carpets that are pleasant to walk on, retractable lighting to achieve a more sophisticated ambiance, etc.

In short, the possibilities are endless, you just have to free your mind! Try to nourish and bring out your creative side. This is the only way to break with convention.

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Changes are good. Seeking alternatives and improving personal conditions are mechanisms that allow us to escape from the ordinary.

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