Must-Have Appliances in a Retro Kitchen

Find out about the appliances you'll need to create a retro kitchen. Our suggestions are beautiful and modern. Moreover, these appliances will make your life easier.
Must-Have Appliances in a Retro Kitchen

Last update: 23 March, 2023

There’s a range of electrical appliances perfectly suited for creating a retro kitchen. In addition to complementing this room, these appliances and gadgets will make your life easier and fill your home with color and personality. Especially if you have an open kitchen next to your living room.

More than just household appliances, by following our advice, you’ll enjoy functional decorative objects. Keep reading as we explain more and delve into their qualities!

Retro kitchen appliances that you can’t live without

Retro appliances are easy to identify, their design is minimalist and classic at the same time. Although, this doesn’t mean that they’re not functional! On the contrary, some models maintain this style and offer modern functions.

Of course, the thing that stands out the most is the color of the appliance. Some appliances range in colors from intense reds to neutral tones like white, cream, pink, and green, among others.

1. Retro coffee machines

The coffee maker is one of those appliances that cannot be missing in a retro kitchen.
The coffee machine can’t be missing in a retro kitchen.

That’s right, the first of our retro kitchen appliances that you can’t be without is a coffee maker, especially if you love good coffee! These types of machines are inspired by those that were used in the 1930s and 1970s. But don’t let this information distract you, the ones available in today’s modern world are functional.

Asides from great-tasting coffee, retro coffee makers give you bright colors and a simple, classic, and elegant design. Details such as the temperature gauges stand out, which are usually analog. These contrast well with modern buttons such as the power or foam buttons, among others.

2. Toasters

If you love toasted bread in the morning (or at any time of the day), then you can’t be without a toaster in your retro kitchen. These appliances are a delightful visual trip to the past, and you’ll notice that their designs are simple and classic.

You’ll find different models with different functionalities, accessories, and colors. For example, some retro toasters come with only two bread slots, and others come with four. Equally, some models have a timer and others don’t, but we advise that you opt for those that do. This means you can enjoy the level of toasting that you like.

3. Retro kitchen fridges

Continuing on with our list of electrical appliances that no self-respecting retro kitchen can be without, we have refrigerators. We can consider these appliances to be one of the most important since it helps us preserve food for longer by keeping it cold. This makes our food and drinks suitable for daily consumption.

Occasionally, retro fridges come in single-door or double-door designs with knobs and other protruding chrome hardware. Although its design is vintage, its features are modern, there are even energy-efficient models available too!

4. Kettles

The retro kettles that you can find nowadays are beautiful and durable. Its design is classic and minimalist and is usually made of stainless steel to ensure resistance and purity. Paradoxically, the most modern vintage models have automatic shut-off systems that prevent damage when the kettle runs out of water.

The most beautiful thing about these appliances is that they stand out in kitchens because of their colors. These are available in red and black, cream, pink, green, and pastel tones.

5. Retro kitchen microwave

The microwave is one of the retro appliances that you cannot miss.
The microwave is one of the retro appliances that you can’t live without.

We conclude our list of retro kitchen appliances with a must-have in any kitchen: the microwave. Of course, they’re similar to modern models because they’ve all been inspired by the first models, including the vintage ones.

However, the biggest differences are found in the chrome and in the buttons. Retro ones have analog knobs instead of digital panels.

What other retro kitchen appliances would you like to own?

We’ve discussed five retro kitchen appliances that you can’t live without, but it doesn’t mean they’re the only ones. There are others such as blenders and wine coolers that also look beautiful in a retro kitchen. The important thing is that you now know you can buy these appliances in a vintage or retro design, but with very modern functions!

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