The Most Energy Efficient Refrigerators on the Market

One appliance that consumes a lot of electricity in your home is the fridge. We recommend choosing an option with the environment in mind. Many refrigerators are energy efficient and give you excellent value for money.
The Most Energy Efficient Refrigerators on the Market

Last update: 21 July, 2020

The most energy-efficient refrigerators actually help you save significantly on your electricity bill. These electrical appliances have one of the highest electrical consumption in the house. In fact, the energy costs of this appliance can sometimes be around 30% of your total monthly bill.

The main reason for the high electricity consumption is that the fridge is permanently on. With this in mind, and considering the high price of electricity, we recommend energy-efficient refrigerators.

It’s not hard to identify the most efficient electrical appliances. They have labels with information on energy consumption. For example, when you’re looking at fridges, make sure you choose one with a good rating, such as A++ or A+++.

This means you’ll save a few dollars on your electricity bill. In addition, you’ll also make much less impact on the environment.

A brief history of refrigerators

An old refrigerator.

Humans have always needed to preserve food. In the past, people used ice extracted from natural ice fields to do this.

Although fridge and icebox now mean the same thing, they have different histories. Iceboxes were insulated cabinets that appeared in the early 1800s. People would place an ice bar in the interior of the cabinet to keep contents cool.

Then, thanks to French engineer Louis Abel Charles Tellier, new ideas for refrigeration were born in 1858. He used electricity to help keep items cold. Later, General Electric sold the first electric refrigerator in Chicago in 1913.

However, it wasn’t until after World War II that refrigerators became common items.

Although there is a long history of humans using ice to preserve food, the appearance of modern refrigerators is recent. These appeared a little more than a century ago. Since then, they have become essential in our homes. They allow us to preserve food and keep things cold.

Types of refrigerators

New energy efficient refrigerators come in lots of varieties.

One door

These are usually just refrigerators and don’t have a freezer function. These types of refrigerators are very popular among people who make purchases on a daily basis or who already have a separate freezer in another part of the house.


For a while, this type of refrigerator dominated the market. Today, many people still prefer them because they are cheaper. However, one of the great disadvantages of this fridge is efficiency.


This type of refrigerator has two doors but also has a freezer at the bottom. This design means most of the products you use regularly are easy to reach. In addition, they have an excellent quality-to-price ratio. There are also models that have an efficient energy consumption and a reasonable price point.

Side by side

These refrigerators are very common in the U.S. They have two vertical doors with a freezer on the left and a fridge on the right. Some also have a water and ice dispenser, as well as large storage capacity.

French door

This type of fridge also has two vertical doors, just like the side by side. However, these two doors separate two areas of refrigeration. With this model, the freezer is in a lower area.


These are similar to the French door option but also include a flexible middle drawer. This can serve as a separate area. Next, we’ll look at a selection of the most energy-efficient refrigerators on the market.

Opt for a fridge with differentiated cold zones. This can help extend the shelf life of food. In fact, this feature has improved over time.

The most energy-efficient refrigerators


The LG GTB382SCHZD is one of many energy-efficient refrigerators.

This is a two-door fridge from the South Korean brand LG. It’s a No Frost type, which is a feature that is now widely used in refrigerators.

This fridge has an A++ energy certification. It has a fairly low level of consumption, primarily due to its compact size of 72 gallons. As a result, this is an ideal option for people who live alone or couples that don’t refrigerate a large amount of food. The freezer is also compact in size.

Samsung RB37J502MSA/EF

The Samsung RB37J502MSA / EF is one of many energy-efficient refrigerators.

This Samsung fridge is made of high-quality materials, stainless steel, and graphite. In addition, it has a system that eliminates bacteria, preventing it from accumulating in the fridge. It has a total capacity of almost 53 gallons.

In terms of energy consumption, it has an A+++ certification. This guarantees the highest efficiency on the market.

HiSense RB400N4BC3

The Hisense RB400N4BC3 is one of many energy-efficient refrigerators.

One of the biggest advantages of this fridge is value for money. This fridge, from the Chinese manufacturer HiSense, is a combo type, with two doors and a freezer in the lower area.

It has a stainless steel finish. It’s also just over 6 feet tall and has a large storage capacity. In addition, this fridge has low electricity consumption, around 170 kW per year. As a result, this can lead to significant savings on your electricity bill.

Zanussi ZRB34315XA

The Zanussi ZRB34315XA.

This fridge has a capacity of 60 gallons and a 24-gallon freezer. It also has an A++ energy rating. This means considerable savings on your electricity bill. According to the manufacturer, the estimated annual consumption is 242 Kwh.

One of the advantages of this option is the “AirFlow +” cooling system. This maintains the same temperatures in the upper and lower areas.

It also is equipped with a “SuperFresh” drawer that keeps meat and fish at a 15% lower temperature. Finally, it has a feature that cools new foods faster.

So those were some of the most energy-efficient refrigerators on the market. With one of these options, you’ll see lower electricity bills and reduce your impact on the environment. If you’re looking for a new fridge, definitely consider one of these options.

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