Italian Coffee Maker for Coffee Lovers

The Italian coffee maker is very easy to use and to keep clean. We'll teach you how to use it, clean it and enjoy it to the full.
Italian Coffee Maker for Coffee Lovers

Last update: 16 February, 2022

Enjoying a good coffee is a great pleasure. Especially when there are different ways to prepare it in order to enhance its flavor, as is the case with the Italian coffee maker. This appliance was created by Alfonso Bialetti and Luigi di Ponte in 1933. Although decades have passed since its invention and nowadays, there are many more modern machines, this coffee maker is still very popular.

Its welcome reception and popularity led to it being manufactured in different sizes. So if you have a large family, you’ll be able to find one with enough capacity to offer a good cup of coffee to everyone. If you live alone, you can enjoy a mini version of the Italian coffee maker in which between one and two cups can be prepared.

Parts of the Italian coffee maker

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The Italian coffee maker is very simple to operate. However, before talking about it, it’s important that you know its different parts. From bottom to top you’ll find the following pieces:

  • Boiler or lower tank.
  • Valve.
  • Funnel.
  • Gasket or packaging.
  • Filter.
  • Upper tank for coffee.
  • Handle to hold the coffee maker.
  • Top.

How to use it?

To use your Italian coffee maker you have two options regarding the coffee input. The first is to buy coffee already ground or whole beans– it’s your personal choice. Pour enough water into the appliance to make the number of cups of coffee you need, in the upper coffee tank. Check the sign that indicates the water limit.

Now you’re going to put the coffee in the filter. Add the right quantity according to the number of cups you’re going to serve and how strong you want it to be. Finish assembling your coffee maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions and place it tightly closed directly over medium heat.

Let the water boil and the coffee rise through the bubbling that occurs. Turn off the stove, remove the coffee maker, serve and enjoy. Be careful not to burn yourself, because the liquid will be very hot!

How to clean your Italian coffee maker?

Learn how to clean your Italian coffee maker

Cleaning your Italian coffee maker, like its use, is very simple, but essential. A lack of washing will cause bacteria and microorganisms to accumulate. These can alter the taste of the coffee and can affect your health. Equally, it’s necessary that you eliminate all coffee residue to avoid bad odors.

General cleaning should be done each time you use it, while every three months is enough to disassemble the coffee maker and clean it piece by piece. For this job, you can buy thin and easy-to-handle brushes to remove the most stubborn and hard-to-reach residue.

Follow these simple steps for a deep clean:

  • Never wash your Italian coffee maker when it’s hot.
  • Take the item apart and place each part on a tray so the pieces won’t get lost.
  • Focus on the filter by removing any remaining coffee that’s stuck to it.
  • Take a soft brush to wash the gasket. When it becomes worn, buy another to avoid coffee spills.
  • For the other pieces, (excluding the filter and gasket) make sure you wash them with a little baking soda. This will also help to remove external coffee or grease stains.

Descaling your Italian coffee maker

Considering that your coffee maker works with water, it’s very likely that traces of minerals and lime will accumulate inside the appliance. For this reason, it must be decalcified every so often to guarantee its optimal operation. The cleaning schedule will be established by the manufacturer of the brand you’ve purchased.

This process can be completed with the help of a little lemon and vinegar. Make the mixture, fill the lower tank and the upper tank, and apply a couple of drops to the water. Let this liquid sit and do its thing for about three to four hours.

Finally, empty the liquid and let your Italian coffee maker dry thoroughly before using it again.

Become a collector

Collection of coffee makers

Although the focus of this article is the Italian coffee maker, if you’re a true coffee lover you’ll definitely own more than one maker. There are some manual and some automatic appliances and some work with electricity and others are more traditional.

Among the options you have is the French press coffee maker. If you like this idea, remember that you must have the implements to improve the experience. These include a grinder for coffee beans, the right mixers, and cups.