Install Your Own Coffee Station at Home

With these ideas that we've prepared for you, it'll be much easier for you to install your own coffee station at home. Choose the area and style you want, but don't forget to give it that personal touch!
Install Your Own Coffee Station at Home

Last update: 08 July, 2021

A coffee station at home is the dream of every coffee lover. It isn’t enough to have a drawer in which to store it and use any glass to consume it, it deserves to have a specific place in your home. In addition, it should contribute in decorative terms to the style of your home.

One of the greatest benefits of having this space is that you can prepare your coffee the way you like it and in the quantities you want without paying more. Yes, the idea is that your coffee station at home will avoid your morning stops to buy coffee before you get to work.

Keep in mind that, as indicated by experts, this is a drink that, in the right doses, has benefits: it improves attention and concentration and increases levels of alertness while reducing the feelings of fatigue. So keep reading because we’ll give you some ideas that you can replicate and improve.

Choose a good place for your coffee station at home

There are many spaces where you can install your coffee station in the house, everything will depend on how much you want to expose it and the space that you have available.

Integrated into the kitchen

Integrate it into the kitchen.

Integrate your coffee station into the kitchen. You can choose a corner to install some shelves for the wells and different types of coffee that you like the most. You can put the coffee maker on the countertop along with some jars where you store the spices and sugar.

Another idea is to take advantage of the microwave shelf or cabinet to also store the coffee maker. You can keep other utensils on top of this in order to prepare the best homemade coffee.

Create a coffee station at home : kitchen trolley

Using a kitchen cart or trolley to have the coffee station at home is a great idea because you can move it wherever you want. You can leave it as a base in the kitchen and take it out to the living room whenever you want. If you prefer to serve your guests, you can move it from position to position to prepare custom coffee.

At the kitchen bar

Leave a space for at the bar.

Placing the station on the kitchen counter is a very attractive and professional option. It’ll allow you to live the complete experience, especially if the kitchen is open and integrated into the living room. As this is a fairly large space, you’ll have the space to store the coffee maker with other decorative elements. Almost typical of a cafeteria.

In fact, you can even place a machine to grind the coffee beans here. Your guests will love your coffee invitation and will enjoy drinking this drink in such a trendy environment.

Create a coffee station at home hidden in a piece of furniture

If you have a piece of furniture in the kitchen or in the living room that you don’t really use, stop thinking about how you can use it. It’s the perfect place to locate your coffee station at home. Here you can locate the coffee maker, the cups, and the saucers.

If this piece of furniture is in the living room, it’ll be better if the sugar and spices are stored in glass jars that you can seal. In this way, they won’t be contaminated with fragrances and diffusers common to this space.

Install floating shelves

Take advantage of the space by installing shelves.

Floating shelves are a good option when space is tight. You can play with the sizes of each shelf so that each element of your station is completely safe.

This will also be an alternative to take advantage of complex spaces such as corners and spaces between columns. We hardly ever find what to put there, right? You can complement the decoration with aromatic plants, some decorative plates, and even a sign that focuses the attention on your coffee station.

Create a coffee station at home and give it a touch of style

Customize your coffee station.
  • Nordic: if you like this style, add black and white color, as well as wood finishes. This style works great if you’ve located your station on floating shelves.
  • Minimalist: opting for the basics is also possible, choose a simple sideboard, uniform tones for the coffee maker, plates, and decorative elements.
  • Industrial: choose shelves or furniture with fine finishes, wood, and metal. Set the scene with lamps in geometric shapes.
  • Retro: choose shelves or antique furniture for your coffee station at home to match your retro coffee maker. Place some retro paintings on the back wall to add to the decoration.

Put your stamp on your coffee station at home!

Regardless of the place and style, you’ve chosen for your coffee station at home, remember, you must put your personal stamp on it. For example, you can choose to put some personalized paintings for each member of the family or paint the back wall with chalk paint so that your visitors can leave memorable messages.

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