Mirror Top Tables: The Latest Trend In Interior Decoration

These tables with a mirror top surface can be a great option for your house. We'll give you some ideas!
Mirror Top Tables: The Latest Trend In Interior Decoration

Last update: 27 May, 2019

If you’re looking to give a modern touch to your home, mirror top tables can be a great option. They are one of the latest trends in interior design. They have many decorative possibilities.

You can buy these tables online. Amazon has plenty of options, as well as the Slate & Rose online store, which has examples of both complete or partial mirror top tables.

While we love these tables because of how striking they are, we know they aren’t very common in homes. In this article, we’re going to focus on mirror top tables, but there are plenty of other options for furniture with mirrored tops, such as dressers.

You shouldn’t, however, fill every room with this type of furniture as it can be excessive.

Advantages of mirror top tables

Firstly, mirror top tables can create a sense of spaciousness. They function like a normal mirror in this way. Therefore, they are ideal for small rooms.

Some mirror top tables, like this one, also have mirrored legs and sides.

On the other hand, mirror top tables double whatever you put on them. You can use them to give more prominence to ceilings or lamps. Often, you buy lamps with nice designs and you usually barely appreciate the details. By putting them on a mirror top, you’ll really notice them.

Mirror top tables also give your house a touch of glamor. No matter how simple the table, mirrors draw the eye. Generally, they are also fairly resistant furniture and easy to clean, which is a plus.

You can also combine the table with another mirror or furniture with a mirror surface, as long as the result isn’t too exaggerated.

Coffee tables

In the case of living rooms, coffee tables are essential. They play a leading role in the room. If you choose a mirror top table, you can place it below the ceiling lamp, so you can see all the details.

We’ll take a look at more examples, but there are two main types:

  1. Tables with mirrors on all sides
  2. Metal or wooden tables that have a mirror top
A coffee table with mirrors on all sides.

Mirror top tables can be round or rectangular. Also, if there is a window nearby, you can place the table so that the view or plants from outside are reflected on the surface.

End tables

Most homes have end or side tables, especially in the living room. If you choose all mirror top tables, try to make them all visible. That way, they reflect more light and make the room appear bigger.

Another option is to pick tables that all have a different design and style. We’ve seen examples where one table has a mirror top, one has a wooden surface, and one has a marble one.


Bedside tables are a must for every bedroom. They keep everything you need on hand. In the case of nightstands, the drawers also have mirrored surfaces so they show off what is on the walls in front of them.

These types of tables are great in rooms with a modern or industrial feel. To complete the set, you can get a dresser that also has a mirrored surface.

A pair of mirror top end tables.

Your room will be sure to attract a lot of attention when family or friends come to visit!


We hope you like some of these ideas! You can also make furniture like this yourself. If you’re into DIY, this is a great project. If you do decide to buy mirror top tables, however, keep in mind that the mirror surface generally makes the table more expensive.

Remember that you can also get a mirror top table for your entryway. This is usually a small, poorly lit space, meaning this could be the perfect option.

Finally, consider a desk with a mirror top. These are much harder to find, at least for houses, but they can add something special to your home office.

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