The Small Room Challenge: How to Create a Nice, Practical and Cozy Space

If you're dealing with a small room, now's the time to transform it into a temple of rest. Ready for the big change?
The Small Room Challenge: How to Create a Nice, Practical and Cozy Space

Last update: 27 January, 2019

Long gone are those big bedrooms that could fit a bed, dresser, closet, and even an armchair to enjoy a book before going to bed. Modern homes tend to have mini-rooms. These days, space is scarce and most of us have a small bedroom that we’d love to look like it came straight out of a magazine.

A small yet catalog bedroom

Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping, they’re also for living in. Space doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying wrapping yourself up on Sunday mornings, breakfast in bed and night reads.

Read on and convert your small bedroom into a room that’s full of charm and infinite possibilities.

Custom-ordered furniture

Small room 1

If you have space issues, custom-ordered furniture pieces are your best bet. You could set up a bookcase around your radiator or an arch above your bed that’s full of shelves for storage and decor… Think about what you need and order away.

Use height to your advantage

Referring to what we just talked about, make the most out of your room’s height by using furniture that spans your walls. Small bedrooms need practical solutions and shelves or hanging closets are some great.

Sliding doors

Small room 2

If you use sliding doors for your closet, you could save some precious space. You won’t need the extra room to open the doors and they’re much more versatile and flexible.

One meter in between your closet and bed will give you the space that you need. While you won’t be able to open your closet entirely at once, you’ll definitely win on space, and that’s what we’re aiming for.

Creative solutions

small room 3

Big problems mean big solutions If you need to reduce space here and there, think about different alternatives. You might not have the space for a classic night table, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. You can set it up on a wall, use your headboard or have a small version.

And what about the closet? If you don’t go with a sliding door, remove the doors entirely and try curtains. If you pick out a nice option that matches your bedding, you’ll have practical yet fun results.

Soft colors

Small room 4

For smaller rooms, neutral colors work best because they bring in a lot of space and light. You can add some details with decor objects or textiles in lavender, blue, pink or green, adding some warmth and style.


Small room 5

You should never overwhelm a small bedroom; the walls need to be able to breathe. So, you have two options: you can go with wallpaper with subtle designs and light colors on your main wall, or make a small composition with some small, delicate frames.

If you want to paint your walls a certain color, try looking for blue tones and avoid the intenser options because they translate into a lot of visual noise.


Strategically placed mirrors create more visual space. If you have a small bedroom, you can try placing a big mirror against a wall. Aside from making your room look bigger, it’ll multiply the light, killing two birds with one stone.

Storage bed

Storage beds are the perfect option if you have space and, as a result, storage issues. Don’t just throw anything into the storage compartment; it’s not a bottomless pit to forget about things. The smartest way to use it is storing bedding, towels or even seasonal clothes.

White or sand colored curtains

Small room 7

Leave the brighter colors for your bedding or walls because if you want your room to look bigger, using white or very light colored curtains is the best way to go (sand, off-white, beige, light gray, bone white, etc.).

With these indispensable tips, your small bedroom will turn into a much lovelier, cozier space that’s practical, and will feel like it has more space. Remember: light colors, custom-order furniture, and a mirror will do wonders for your decor.

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