How to Stop your Bedroom from Looking Tacky

You might be living in a home with tacky decor. Give it a complete makeover and pick a style that better suits your personality.
How to Stop your Bedroom from Looking Tacky

Last update: 01 January, 2019

You might think that your home is really fashionable and you’ve managed to create a bedroom that is both elegant and beautiful. But then, over time, you start to realize that your bedroom actually looks rather tasteless. So, how can you stop your bedroom from looking tacky?

Many people turn to interior designers to help decorate their homes. That way, you’re almost guaranteed to get a good result. However, not everyone can afford to to use a decorator trained and specialized in this area.

So, there’s no other option but to decorate your home yourself. The result can be equally good, but you will need to keep certain aspects in mind so that you don’t make any major mistakes.

Tacky home decor

Combining too many strong colors can make a room look tasteless and tacky.

There are many mistakes we can make when it comes to decorating our homes. These mistakes can result in a room that is completely lacking in harmony and visual balance. It also means that there is no dialogue between the various decorative elements.

This is exactly what happens in a tacky bedroom. You might think that you’ve got the furniture perfectly laid out, that you’ve chosen the right colors and the best materials. However, there might be a clear dichotomy between the decorative elements.

So, what causes this problem? It can be due to a lack of experience in the world of interior design, the need to do some extra research or to have a look at bedrooms online, in magazines, and in stores to get some inspiration. However, it can also be caused by a lack of aesthetic appeal.

– Over-decorating is one of the easiest ways to end up with a tacky room.-

How to know if your bedroom is tacky

There are certain traits to look for to help you recognize whether your room is tacky or not. You need to pay attention to certain aspects relating to the organization, colors, design, format, etc.

Outdated decor can look tacky rather than classical.
  • Clashing colors. Sometimes, people combine colors like pink or green, use too much of a color like yellow, or simply combine too many strong colors at once.
  • Disproportionate furniture: the furniture is too big or too small for the room, creating a feeling of disorder.
  • Outdated decor or decor that simply doesn’t work well with the colors, or the room as a whole. For example, you can’t really combine classical-style furniture with bright pink walls.
  • Over-use of decorative motifs: if you use patterns or pictures on the walls or in decorations, it’s best not to go too over the top. For example, don’t cover an entire wall with love hearts, as this can seem extremely tacky.

Steps to achieving visual harmony

So that you don’t fall into the trap of creating cheap, tasteless decor, you need to keep these steps in mind before you start decorating. Only then will you be able to achieve true visual harmony.

  • Don’t overfill your space: you don’t need to fill your room with lots of decorative elements; this will only serve to create tension and a room lacking in dialogue.
  • Be sensible when it comes to choosing your decor: if you want to use one particular theme throughout your room, and let the colors and shapes take center stage, it’s best to choose elements that can really bring special something to your room.
  • The importance of color: of course, you shouldn’t use too many colors, or just use them anywhere at random. Both the decoration and the colors need to be in harmony with one another.
  • The bed: it goes without saying that this piece of furniture will play a central role in your bedroom. The size of the bed, therefore, needs to be tailored to the size of the room, so that it’s not out of proportion. Plus, the bed sheets should complement the rest of the decorative elements in the room.

Find your style

Remember: less is more if you want to avoid tacky decor.

Basically, when it comes to decorating a bedroom, you need to stick to just one style, not several. This is a simple and effective way to create unity between all the elements in your room.

Try to find a style you like and one that matches your personality. That way, if you need to change something in the room, it won’t be too difficult. Essentially, you need to keep things simple and make sure everything is going in one creative direction.

Finally, the furniture and wall colors are some of the most important aspects when it comes to decorating. These are the elements  you need to give most thought to. From there, you can work out which style best defines your home and your personality.

– You need to have a sense of style and know what to do with the decor in your home.

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