Mirror Decorations - So Many Possibilities

Mirror, mirror on the wall... where should we put you so you look better? Using mirrors creatively makes them a great element to use as decoration. Follow these tips.
Mirror Decorations - So Many Possibilities

Last update: 28 July, 2020

Mirror decorations will give your home the touch of elegance that you were looking for. Do you want to know how to get the most out of them? We’ll give you some ideas in this article. Make sure to write them all down!

Using mirrors in your home can help to give a feeling of spaciousness in narrow and dark areas.

Mirror decorations – solutions

A big mirror for the entrance

A large round mirror placed in the entrance of a house

What better way to welcome guests than with a nice mirror?

Hang it perpendicular to the light entrance and try to support it on the longest wall. You can choose any type of mirror, from an art deco style to a more classic model.

Of course, try to ensure that the rest of the decorative elements that are around it, such as pictures and lamps, are in line with the style of your mirror.

A mirror as a fireplace damper

You can make a fireplace damper a part of the decoration by using a mirror. Its reflection will connect the space with the adjoining rooms of the house.

It’s best to place the mirror at an angle to the light source to avoid dazzling someone. You can choose any type of design. Why not opt for a beveled grid mirror that will also give depth?

Mirror decorations in a small bathroom

Mirror decorations for a small bathroom

If you completely cover the wall of a small bathroom with mirrors, you’ll modify the perception of space. You’ll notice that the room will multiply its size as if by magic.

If you want to make your bathroom feel even brighter, a good option is to combine mirrors with steel accessories and white bathroom furniture. Also, remember to paint the walls in light colors.

And don’t forget – a trick to prevent mirrors steaming up is to install an anti-fog resistance device behind them. They work similarly to a car’s rear window heater.

A good idea is to incorporate a strip of light around the perimeter of the mirror to avoid shadows.

A mirror as a headboard

Your imagination can be set free when decorating a room. Why don’t you use a mirror as a headboard? This will be very original.

You can choose from several ideas, from an arch-shaped mirror to a simpler rectangular design. It’s only a matter of finding the one that best suits your room.

Besides that, you’ll have a headboard that turns into a point of light for your bed during the day, while at night, its proximity to the bedside lamps will fill your bedroom with charm.

Mirror doors for a closet

A closet door completely covered with mirrors to give the feeling of extra space

Check out this simple idea! Two in one – a dresser and mirror. This is a perfect and easy solution if you want a floor-to-ceiling mirror in the bedroom and don’t have a free wall for it.

You can integrate continuous mirror fronts or use mirror panels. The latter will accentuate the decor and give your room personality.

No matter how large the closet is, it will always seem lighter with mirrors than if it has plain doors. Here’s another trick – if you want to stylize the doors, avoid horizontal mirror panels.

Decorate a wall with mirrors

When it comes to decorating the walls of your home you can be creative.

A good option is to line a wall with a grid of mirrors. This will look great if you use old mirrors.

How about applying this idea to your living room wall? You can choose the final height of the mirrors. They will look just as good if you take them to the ceiling or even to a height of three-quarters of the wall.

Mirror decorations – decorative elements and furniture

Two square mirrors with a vintage frame used as bedside decorations

Why not use a tray that spreads sparkles through its mirror base? It’s the perfect way to offer your guests a snack or to use it as a decorative object.

How about something that expands the light? You can take a small mirror that you don’t know where to place and add a lamp to it. This is a very ingenious idea that will also make the most of the light.

And a piece of furniture? You can cover anything from the drawers of your nightstand to the base of a side table that you have in the living room with mirrors.

How do you feel about the mirror decoration ideas that we’ve suggested? Don’t hesitate to try them out. They will help to give your home a breath of fresh air.

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