Leopard Print Decor

Leopard print can fit perfectly into your home. Give your home a wild vibe!
Leopard Print Decor

Last update: 16 January, 2020

If you want to give your home something exotic and different, it’s the perfect chance to use leopard print decor. Leopard print can work in any home – it’s only a matter of knowing how to use it.

Sure, we’re used to seeing the pattern on women’s clothing. It seems like fashion designers are the only ones who consider using this bold, eye-catching print.

But leopard print has stepped into the world of interior design as well. You’ve probably already seen a home decor accessory or two with this fierce pattern. More and more interior designs are applying it in different ways filling living rooms, bedrooms and hallways alike with excitement.

The impact of leopard print

leopard print impact

Leopard print is ultimately a beige base with spots that are black, brown and white. In other words, it has an earthy color palette that allows it to give settings warmth and energy.

If we had to pinpoint a type of decor style that it creates, we’d have to say that it’d be something completely original – it’s a style that leans towards natural and exotic. Thus, it can radically change the setting.

Leopard print is also bold, intense, direct and very alternative. It fills homes with dynamic and almost erotic decor.

Sensuality is the seal of leopard print decor.

A wild bed

leopard print bed

For bedroom decor, we all know that the bed is the focal point. Bedroom decor has to revolve around it. So why not use leopard print on your bed and transform your bedroom completely?

  • A leopard print blanket can boost sensuality as well as add a bold pinch of nature. As leopard print derives from an actual animal, it can provide that wild touch to your decor.
  • It opens the doors to your wild side. Leopard print can help you unveil your most carefree and boldest self.
  • Use it with other decor resources like pillows, rugs… make sure to match it with lighter earthy colors and with black. You can also pair it with other animal products like zebra print.

Go for it. Let out your wild side.

A rug for extroverts

leopard print rug

If you want to break through social molds, trends that big companies and fashion establish, there’s no better way to do that then using your own home to showcase something different.

  • A leopard print rug can be elegant, innovative and unique. These days, it seems like rugs only come in two options: solid-colors or Persian. Break the mold!
  • Try using a rug in your living room to surprise visitors. You can also try them in your bedroom by your bed.
  • But the best place to showcase a rug is in a hallway: a long, thin velvet rug is perfect. It’ll give your home that differentiating factor and show off your extroverted personality.

Wall decor

leopard print wall decor

Vinyl decals are another decor option. Look for designs that include leopards or just their print. Feel free to use designs in monochrome or full-on color.

And you can also turn to  wall art. An intense picture of a leopard’s face can make for powerful decor in a bedroom or living room. Pair it with other decor elements if you wish as well.

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