Turn to Exotic Resources for Home Decor

Exotic resources can make a wonderful home decor. They're a great way to add something different to your home.
Turn to Exotic Resources for Home Decor

Last update: 10 December, 2019

Many of us strive to be different and stand out from current trends. You can make your home unique by using uncommon objects and ideas. In our post today read about how to use exotic resources in your home.

Since the 19th century, world-travelers have brought home a number of curious things from their travel destinations: Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, South America, etc. At home, they could showcase their collection or sell them like museum articles.

All of those pieces spoke of faraway lands and cultures. Today, you can have your own exotic pieces in your own home decor.

Exotic decor resources

These exotic pieces can offer home decor that stands out. In short, they’re not your everyday decor because they come from cultures different than our own.

They draw us back to the romantic mindset of the 19th century where people dreamed of new, mysterious worlds after seeing such treasures with their own eyes.

So it’s no wonder that the designs, colors, appearances and overall aesthetics of exotic products can make a deep impression. They’re different and naturally draw attention.

— Exotic resources can open up a wide range of decor possibilities. —

African decor

exotic resources African

African decor, furniture, and accessories alike share an African essence. What are some examples of the decor you can find from Africa?

  • Masks, shields, and spears. These have a simple design with basic lines and a limited color palette. The color palette might use 2 or 3 colors.
  • Zebra skin rugs. The rugs don’t have to be real. Today, you can actually find many products that imitate animal skin.
  • Clay jars and vases. Artisan products – these reflect the handcrafts and creativity in Africa.
  • Pictures. These usually show desserts, jungles, animals, abstract figures, etc.
  • Burnt colors should predominate the color palette. Beige, browns, ocher, pomegranate red, etc.

Indian decor

exotic resources india

Indian decor provides amazing possibilities for interior designers. They can play with taking exotic inspiration and fitting it into Western or European interiors.

  • For starters, intense colors should take center stage.  Try reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, pinks, etc. And you don’t have to balance them out. You can fit various color palettes into the same room.
  • Rugs and tapestries. They’re full of colors and patterns with simple, basic designs.
  • Couches, pillows, and cushions. Try a solid color for your couch. In addition, your pillows or cushions could like great with embellishing details like tassels.
  • Curtains. Make sure they’re colorful, long and semi-translucent.

Asian decor

exotic resources Asian

-Asian decor has fascinated western artists and interior designers throughout history. What can you find here?

  • Furniture. Low pieces that might even touch the floor. Many are designed to make the most of the space. Make sure you accompany them with thin, solid-colored rugs.
  • Lighting. -Gentle, circular-shaped light fixtures like Chinese lamps. While you can find them in a huge variety, try to keep a geometric standard. In addition, natural light is also very important in Asian decor but windows will often have a shade.
  • The color of the furniture and walls should be subtle. Try to keep things simple.
  • Feel free to hang up pictures, calligraphy or anything else that evokes Asian culture.
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