Decorate Your Walls with Masks

Try decorating your home with masks for a tribal decor and create a setting bursting with personality.
Decorate Your Walls with Masks

Last update: 28 August, 2019

In our post today, we want to give you some ideas on decorating your walls with masks to create a setting that’s bursting with personality.

Masks come in many different varieties. For example, some are set on top of a pedestal or in a little nook. But today, we want to focus solely on masks that you can hang up on your walls.

Keep your overall decor balanced by following your original decor style. If you have a minimalist-style home, a simple mask will work just fine. Or, if you have an exotic tribal decor style, one or two African masks will look perfect. Choose the masks that best suit your setting.

Masks are incredibly decorative. In addition, they aren’t a full-blown decor trend yet so they’ll still look original to your guests. In our post today, read about the ways you can decorate your walls with masks.

The meaning behind a mask

Today, we simply use masks as decor accessories. But we can’t forget that they’ve held much significance in religion and culture in the civilizations that created them. For example, Venetian masks were made to protect their wearers.

masks Venetian mask

People used to use masks in all kinds of rituals and ceremonies to represent diverse forms of life: divinity, rulers, animals (antelopes, crocodiles, deer)…

African masks are likely the most popular options, but you’ll also see many South American or Venetian Carnival masks as well.

If you like to travel, try collecting artisan objects while your abroad such as masks (they’re normally made with natural materials like wood). These masks will be a special souvenir. You can also pair them with ceramics, tapestries, musical instruments, figurines and wicker baskets to create a beautiful, exotic decor. You can also find masks at art galleries but of course, with high price tags.

If you can’t find the right one for your home anywhere, try looking online. Online options are quite economical.

Decorating your home walls with masks

First off, masks can work in any setting: living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, etc. As we mentioned earlier, just keep them within the room’s decor style.

Some masks are a true work of art and as such, should enjoy a little spotlight. To make your mask a focal point, keep the wall it’s on as bare as possible and preferably a light color.

Meanwhile, there are also very long masks as well with African masks being a great example. Arrange your long masks as a single decor piece or as a composition in a way that suits the space you have available.

Aside from the size variety, masks also come in many styles: colors, designs, figures… You have so many options at your fingertips. If you want a balanced decor, make sure you think about all of these aspects when browsing.

And make sure the wall you hang them on doesn’t receive excessive sunlight as it could harm your pieces. At the same time, they can’t be in a dark area either or you won’t be able to appreciate them properly.

Decorating children’s rooms

masks childrens rooms

If you have children you can do crafts together. Check out this link and learn how to make masks with your children. Sure, you can buy masks at any toy store, but think about making your own if you’re into DIY. You can use construction paper, paper plates, paper mache

Animal masks are a favorite, as well as masks with patterns that feature their favorite animals. They’ll add a pop of color to any room. Superhero masks are another great idea.

We recommend leaving an entire wall bare to decorate with the masks and be careful not to overwhelm it.

An original way to decorate

As you’ve read with us today, masks are a great option for home decor. If you don’t want to hang them up on a wall, you can always prop them on an open shelf as long as it has enough light.

In addition, vinyl decals with mask motifs or patterns aren’t very common in decor, but they’re another option. You can apply and remove them easily without leaving any marks behind.

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