Learn How to Decorate a Second Home

Make your vacation home a great retreat!
Learn How to Decorate a Second Home

Last update: 19 September, 2020

In order to enjoy great vacations, you want things to be as comfortable as possible with all of the resources for a perfect break in your second home.

During vacations we like to stay at the beach, a village or in another city. So it’s time to figure out how to decorate your vacation home and have it ready to use.

Just because this isn’t your main home doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be comfortable. Take into account that it’s a place where you seek refuge to rest and disconnect. For this reason, it deserves the work involved to decorate it.

It’s most important that it’s prepared for our arrival. This way, it’ll be a nice cozy space that represents the family’s own identity. It should feel as if it’s our permanent residence so that we’re comfortable.

Decorating a second home – the village house

Brown stone fireplace as in a second home

One of the destinations that we can escape to in the summer is a house in a village. These are often old and may need renovation, meaning a change in the interior and a transformation to what works well for the family.

Some people prefer to keep the interior original. However, you can give it a facelift and try to restore what’s useful in addition to introducing other new resources. These can alter the decor without losing the traditional character.

First, you have to carry out a deep clean, change the style, and organize the interior, doing the important work, and redesigning the rooms according to the desired function. Furthermore, it can be interesting to restore the old furniture and display vintage items.

Enjoying some time in a village house can help recharge your batteries.

Decorating a second home at the beach

This is the view from the second home at the beach

When decorating a vacation home, don’t forget the beach house. Since many people live inland, they often have a place at the beach. They spend most of their time there in the summer months.

It’s good to be aware of the importance of a beach retreat since the ocean revitalizes the body and the mind. Let’s look at 4 formulas to decorate it:

1.Even though you may spend only a few weeks in your beach house, you should have a sturdy and resistant floor. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money, parquet floor in laminate is a good option along with concrete slabs.

2. When it comes to the sofa, chairs, and other seats, they need not be expensive. You can look for different types that offer comfort. 

3. In the case of the bathroom and the kitchen, functionality is more important than anything else. This means that it’s not necessary to invest in luxury items or expensive materials. It’s important that they are set up to be useful and practical.

4. There is one area where a major investment is recommended. Here we’re referring to the bedroom that should be a place that provides rest and tranquility. For this, you’ll need a high-quality mattress and walls of a pleasant color.

Decorating a vacation residence in another city

a living room with a bright yellow sofa and white walls in a second home


Then you have the situation of having an apartment in another city. Here you can create the interior design to reflect everyday living.

However, you also have the opportunity to design in a different way and establish a distinct style. This includes taking more of a risk in the choice of furnishings and decorating the second residence in a more innovative way.

The main objective is to feel content and have a change of environment.

The search for relaxation and disconnection

A bedroom with a low bed for a second home

Vacations are for disconnecting. Besides taking a break from work, you also need a change of scenery. That’s why it’s so important to have a second residence that’s well organized so you have the retreat that you want.

To conclude, you should convert your second home into a cozy place. The idea is to make your stay pleasant and relaxing so you can forget the real world for a while.

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