IKEA Art Event: Works of Art at Your Feet

The IKEA Art Event has brought us 8 handmade rugs designed by the best street artists working today. Do you want a bit of art for your home?
IKEA Art Event: Works of Art at Your Feet

Last update: 13 May, 2019

IKEA’s goal has always been to improve people’s daily lives. It was with this philosophy in mind that they launched the IKEA Art Event in 2014. This is a collaboration between contemporary artists, to bring art into people’s homes.

Why should galleries and museums get to have all the good art? In the end, art and design are a part of us, and they should be within everyone’s reach.

Henrik Most, the creative director for IKEA Art Event, says: 

Normally you could say that art has a limitation. That it’s for the few, with a lot of money, or something you see in museums and galleries. But we think that art belongs in people’s homes. And with these collections, art becomes accessible for a lot of people–you don’t need to be wealthy to buy something unique.

Artistic rugs

An image shows an artistic design for a rug in the shape of a snake, with white and golden brown embroidery on a black surface.

This is the fifth IKEA Art Event, a limited edition that combines art and upholstery to make rugs with an urban art lookThis is thanks to eight pioneers in the creative sector who have brought their avant-garde concepts to these eight unique, versatile pieces.

According to IKEA, these pieces of rug-art are unique, and designed with daily life in mind. At the same time, the goal is for you to feel like you’re in an art gallery.

They’re all made 100% of cotton or other natural materialsand only one was machine sewn. Craftspeople in India and Egypt made the rest of the rugs, which means they’re all amazing visual pieces.

Starting in May, you’ll be able to get these rugs at your local IKEA. Buy one or more and fill your home with art!

Some of the artists for this year’s IKEA Art Event


The artist Chiaozza posing with their colorful rug.

This artistic duo works in a wide range of disciplines, including painting, sculpture, objects, collage, and photography.

They got the inspiration for their rug from the kind of scenery typical in North American desertsIt’s full of color and doodles with funny shapes that will make you want to buy this 100% cotton piece.

Craig Green

Craig Green's rug in a photo studio.

This Londoner is one of the most innovative men’s fashion designers in the UK. His vision is to bring a more gender-neutral take on this side of fashion.

His rug gives you a sense of being in paradise and getting away from reality. It’s a picture that takes you to a better place.

Misaki Kawai

A person jumping in the air to pose with Misaki Kawai's rug.

This Japanese artist is world famous for the objects she makes with paper mache, wood, fabric, and other fine materials like felt and wool. She believes that art is about having a good time. 

Here’s what she had to say about her creation for IKEA Art Event:

I’m inspired by funny stuff, goofy stuff – that’s one of the reasons why I loved doing this rug, it’s a very hair object. I think it turned out great, it’s comfortable and has amazing colors. It’s fantastic that so many people will be able to enjoy it. Go ahead, please pet the big cats!” 

Seulgi Lee

Seulgi Lee's rug on display for the IKEA Art Event photoshoot.

This French-Korean artist gives meaning to the phrase “happier than a fish in water.” Her art always brings with it bright colors and the play of light involved in water. 

She said that she wanted to bring the feeling of water to an interior space with her rug. She got her inspiration from craftspeople in the city of Ayodhya (northern India), in the reign of the ancient Korean queen Heo Hwang-ok, and, above all, in the power of colors.

Virgil Abloh

Person posing with Virgil Abloh's rug for the IKEA Art Event.

Virgil is the artistic director of the men’s fashion line at Louis Vuitton. He also created the fashion brand, Off-White. His contribution to the 2019 IKEA Art Event is an ironic statement about the kinds of controlling parents who try to protect their furniture at all costs. 

The statement on it and the traditional design are meant to radically change our idea of a Persian rug.

I wanted an ironic take on the traditional attitude to furnishing where the living room is just a showroom, not somewhere you sit. The parental ‘don’t ruin the furniture’ kind of thing I think has really impacted how younger people think of furniture today.” 

These are just a few of the urban-art-inspired rugs you could have in your own home! Which is your favorite?

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