Ideas for Decorating your House in Victorian Style

A Victorian style decor could turn out a little extravagant, but with our suggestions in this article you can learn how to use it without overdecorating your home.
Ideas for Decorating your House in Victorian Style

Last update: 16 October, 2018

A growing trend is to decorate in Victorian style.

This style of decor was developed in England around the mid to late 18th century. It coincided with the reign of Queen Victoria, where it gets its name. It was a time period where industrialization was on the rise, and innovation was the order of the day.

So warm and cozy decor in the home became popular, although it was sometimes a little excessive and overdone. It barely left any free space.

In general, the Victorian style favors an ornamental design, indoors as well as outdoors.  It includes items such as candelabras (gilded or silver plated), clocks, small sculptures…

It’s a style that gave (and keeps giving) a special role to ceilings and walls. As a consequence of this, it’s very common to find different types of molding and cornices. Also, on the walls of any room of the house it’s normal to find black and white photographs or framed paintings.

Ideas for decorating your bedroom in Victorian style

  • Beds: characterized by their solidity and heaviness, and also for being exceptionally large. They can be made of wood or metal, preferably wrought iron. You could add a bedhead or footboard, upholstered or plain. You could also add a canopy, but use caution so the room doesn’t appear overfull.
  • Quilts, cushions and pillows: especially if they have some type of lace incorporated. To keep with the Victorian theme, you could opt to place a number of cushions on the bed, although that can seem a little elaborate. To avoid a sense of visual saturation, you should choose the fabric and color with care.
  • Rugs: the more the better. In this case, you could mix up different weaves and patterns.
  • Armchair or rocking chair: you could create a cozy corner perfect for reading. Again, you should think about something upholstered for this type of feature.
  • Lamps: chandeliers are the most common. You could also install them in other rooms of the house, always hung from the ceiling. Also, you can find them in different materials, although crystal chandeliers are the most traditional.
  • Curtains: it would be ideal if you could find patterned curtains with floral motifs. Velvet or embroidered curtains are the most suitable. Don’t forget that they should be floor length, or even of a length that brushes the floor slightly. Obviously, this also applies to curtains found in the living room, dining room, library etc…

It’s true that lighter tones are being used more and more. If you prefer, you can choose lighter colored curtains. You can also leave them loosely hanging or gather them with a tie or tassel.

White and gold Victorian style bedroom with a canopy and gilded mirror

Decorate the dining room and living room in Victorian style

  • Mirror: this is an essential item. Preferably it should have a cut and beveled edge, or a gilded touch. You could put it on top of a sideboard. Don’t forget that mirrors are the perfect item to make a room feel bigger.
  • Tables: the principal table, in the central area, should be rectangular with carved or turned table legs. You could add a tablecloth with embroidery, and on top of this, a vase of flowers.

Also, you could place a set of tables in the living room and dining room. They should predominantly feature curved lines and hand carved wood detail.

  • Chairs: should have a slightly curved backrest. The seat and backrest are normally upholstered, usually with stamped patterns or stripes. If the chairs have armrests, it would be ideal if they are wooden or of fabric dyed a golden or tan color. As with the armchairs, the chairs should be very heavy and solid.
  • Walls: Originally these were painted in darker colors. This has changed in today’s Victorian style. Now much lighter colors should be used. Another option consists of using wallpaper, something that can also be applied to bedrooms.
  • Glass cabinets: are perfect for showing off any type of ornaments or other objects. As an alternative you could place a crystal or glass bookshelf in one corner.
  • Fireplaces: we know these aren’t easy to get hold of, but you could keep them in mind in case you get the opportunity.
A Victorian style living room should include upholstered sofas, rugs and a chandelier

How can you decorate the bathroom in Victorian style?

  • Bathtub: exposed, without touching the wall. It would be perfect if it had carved feet.
  • Sink: should be freestanding with a pedestal, not a complete vanity unit.
  • Add details in ocher and golden tones: don’t forget that you can also put pot plants anywhere you like, perhaps with a terracotta or ocher colored pot.
  • Candles: you could opt for the current trend of aromatic candles. This can create an even more relaxing and intimate atmosphere. You could also place them in small chandeliers, that could be fixed to the wall like a wall lamp.
  • Mirror: large size and preferably with a gilded frame, whether gilded totally or partially.
  • If you have sufficient space, you could also place an armchair or other seat in the bathroom.

How to decorate your garden in Victorian style

Over the years, many different types of plants have been cultivated indoors, including exotic plants. When they move outdoors marvelous and elegant gardens result.

There’s nothing like an English garden

-Queen Victoria-

We can’t forget the fact that the garden is almost like another room of the house. More than anything else it is a place to meet and gather, as well as a place to pass the time and relax.

Below you can see some of the items that could be useful to you to create a true Victorian style garden. Obviously, you will have to take into account the amount of space you have available, and adapt the principles to your garden.

  • Furniture: in general the most common is to find seats and small tables of wrought iron painted white, forming small corners in which to rest.
  • Paths or walks: filled with sand, gravel or small stones.
  • Having divisions separating the different spaces is very important, with sections to separate the kitchen garden area, fruits, flowers and the most exotic plants.
  • Hothouses or greenhouses of various sizes. These take care of plants during wintertime that move into the garden again in springtime.
A Victorian style garden should include wrought iron tables and chairs


As you can see, decorating in Victorian style today can make you, for example, reuse older objects and antique furniture that you had forgotten. In this way, you can achieve a warm, traditional atmosphere in your home. Without losing the feeling of comfort, you can create a comfortable living space thanks to the skillful adaptation of the Victorian style we have today.

In addition, the principal ideas work in any room of the house, whether indoors or outdoors, so you can achieve a completely harmonious style.


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