How to Decorate a Wedding Altar

For a wedding, decoration plays a fundamental role, especially the alter as it's the spot where all eyes will go.
How to Decorate a Wedding Altar

Last update: 16 April, 2019

Are you getting married but not sure about how to decorate the altar for the wedding? We’ll show you some interesting ideas on covering even the smallest details for weddings.

The altar is the most visible spot of the entire ceremony. It’s an area that you shouldn’t forget to decorate – it should be balanced and elegant.

From a visual perspective, you don’t need to bombard the altar with decor. You just need a few elements that can complete the event and create a lovely setting that guests will appreciate.

Altar for church weddings

Alter 1

People often get married in churches, but more and more ceremonies are also taking place outside of the church or in civil places like gardens, beaches, etc.

Inside a church, wedding decor has to be in keeping with the church’s decor. Consequently, wedding decor shouldn’t be too flamboyant nor use any kind of materials that could clash with the church’s decor. Some great ways to decorate an altar are the following:

  • White drapery: you can adorn different areas with this: the altar, rails, etc. White reflects purity and will likely match the bride’s dress.
  • Flowers: floral centerpieces can go above and below the altar, down the aisle and most importantly, around the bride and groom. You can place them on the steps or in the spot where they marry as well.
  • Candles: for a more romantic setting, candles can offer warmth and tranquility while beautifying the area and creating an atmosphere with their light.

The main point is to not decorate in excess but, add harmony.

Garden wedding

Alter 2

If the wedding ceremony will take place in a garden, you can still use our ideas from the section above if it’s a religious wedding.

On the other hand, many people plan their weddings in a garden as a civil, not religious, event. So, decor options change, giving more freedom to use different materials.

  • Flowers and petals: again, these are important for an altar. They’re the main gateway that connects the wedding to nature. Petals create a beautiful effect when scattered on the floor, lavishing the setting.
  • Theatrical drapery: whether you use white or a different color, you can use drapes to make the ceremony more theatrical. They help set the scene by framing the bride and groom, drawing eyes to them.
  • Pergola: you can hang drapes or a small decorative rooftop that can give some shade while clearly focusing on the altar or ceremony area.

— Make it a day to remember. —

Beach wedding

Alter 3

Beach weddings can have a slightly more informal, hippie feel. They’re not a convenient place for wedding ceremonies, but they look absolutely beautiful with the right decor.

  • Again, you can use materials like flowers, drapes, pergolas, etc. They’re all definitely the main elements that’ll add a sophisticated air.
  •  If you want to bring down the formality a notch, try pots with wild plants. They’ll give the altar a more original character.
  • To light up the area, try torches or lanterns. With dim lighting, you can create a subtle, relaxed setting.
  • If you’re not too sure about the colors, colors like white, sky blue, purple, orange, green and others can play a big role in beach weddings. You can use them together.

The altar decor has to fit the area where the celebration will take place. The dialogue between the decor and scenery is  fundamental.

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