5 Tips for Garden Weddings

A garden wedding is a truly wonderful and personal experience. So, make sure that the decor and setting is perfect.
5 Tips for Garden Weddings

Last update: 22 February, 2019

If your home (or a family member’s) has a big, open outdoor area, you can throw a garden wedding. Plan it in the summer for the perfect party! In today’s post, we’ll show you tips on the perfect decor and set-up.

Not interested in spending such an important day in an event hall? Or do you have a budget that won’t cover the reservation costs? A great alternative is a garden wedding. You could have it at your own home, at a family member’s or at a home rented for the occasion.

backyard featured

If you like the outdoors and are planning to have a summer wedding, this could be a great option. It’ll also be perfect if you love handicrafts and DIY! Check out our ideas.

1. Decorate with wildflowers

Take advantage of the time of year to find seasonal flowers at a great price. Choose different colors that’ll match with the existing garden surroundings. You can highlight certain spaces such as the altar or a photo zone with flowers in special colors.

Flowers will also be a big help for your general decor: they work for centerpieces, chairs, bouquets, boutonnieres, entrance ways, etc. To cut down the costs, we recommend looking for a florist and choosing local varieties.

2. Define the main colors

Garden weddings might be multi-colored as a result of their natural surroundings but choosing up to three underlying decor colors is fundamental. Make sure to use them together well to ensure a beautiful outcome.

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Also, keep in mind that soft colors temper strong ones and create interesting contrasts and fades. Green, blue and yellow look lovely together while red and purple are a perfect match. Test out color combinations and settle on the best set!

3. Gentle lighting for a garden wedding

A garden wedding doesn’t have to take place during the day. Many couples opt for a natural setting at dusk, continuing the party well into the next day. For night weddings, we recommend using candles and torches for lighting as they create a warmer setting.

You can also use them to create spaces such as the aisle to the alter, cocktail area or dance floor. And of course, candle-lit tables will create a more romantic ambiance.

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4. Decorate with string lights and fabric

DIY wedding decor is trendy these days, especially outdoor decor that allows for more creativity. You can make string lights easy with colored paper cut out in triangles and glued onto a thin rope.

As for fabrics, they’re a popular decor option for ceilings or for creating special areas, such as a space for selfies or toasts. They’re also great for the dessert table, dining area or the area behind the newlyweds’ table.

5. Plan according to the weather

You might be planning a wedding in the summer, but a big rain shower can always come down mid-celebration. A midday wedding on the other hand, might mean unbearable heat. So remember to have both open-air and covered spaces available for your guests.

If you’re organizing everything by yourself, consider renting a space and lodging. That way, you can decorate for the wedding while offering your guests a nice place to stay.

A garden wedding gives you the freedom to decorate however you want with nature right by your side. Make the most of it!

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